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   Chapter 489 Happiness

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Andrew couldn't help but put a frown on his face when he saw the assortment of entertainment booths before him.

There was no doubt that he had never really played these kinds of games ever before. When he saw some nearby people having such a good time and having fun with smiles on their faces, he felt befuddled.

Doubt started to appear in his heart. 'Are these games really that funny and entertaining? I just can't believe that.'

Ashley suddenly pulled Andrew by his arm and asked him, "Which one would you like to play? Hmm... I'm going to go buy the tickets first. How about we go on the roller coaster?"

Ashley continued to glance around with a curious look on her face. She didn't really come here very often. The last time she was here was somewhere far off in the past, she played with Ellie for a long time back then.

Even though she didn't really like these kinds of games very much. She was free with Andrew today, so she wanted to make sure they had a good time together.

Andrew wanted to refuse, so he turned around to face Ashley to voice it out, however, he saw Ashley's expectant eyes staring straight at him.

Andrew didn't want to ruin and disappoint her day, so, instead, he said, "Okay."

Ashley quickly replied, "Great! Let's go buy the tickets. Tell me what you want to play so we can play together, okay?"

Ashley held Andrew's hand and dragged him to the ticketing counter.

Since it was weekend, the amusement park was extremely crowded with all sorts of people, couples, and children. Besides that, because it was also summer, the air in the park reeked of sweat and all sorts of odors.

Andrew hated the atmosphere and this kind of feeling extremely so.

He did his utmost best to keep his body at a certain distance from other people and made sure he didn't touch anyone.

However, Ashley was different. It was clear that she was nowhere near as squeamish as Andrew was.

And besides, this wasn't a big deal for her anyways.

Andrew saw that Ashley was pushed to the corner by the flow of the crowd. He looked around and furrowed his brows.

He prepared himself and shouldered through the crowd to come next to Ashley, he used his body to protect her from being squeezed.

When they finally managed to move out of the crowded areas, Andrew whispered in Ashley's ear, "How about getting people out of here?"

"What?" Ashley was currently taking some money out of her wallet when Andrew asked he

n his chopsticks and was about to go upstairs too when Claire stopped him.

Claire didn't clean the table, but tried to stop Andrew first instead.

Living with her for several months now, Claire was nice to Ashley since the latter had a really good temper. Ashley was really nice and gentle.

The last time Ashley was driven out without any reason, Claire thought it was better to let Andrew know about what happened.

After all, the woman who did it was Andrew's mother.

Andrew looked at Claire who stopped him with a light gaze.

"What's up?"

However, being stared at by Andrew with his cold eyes made Claire feel chill coming from the bottom of her feet.

Claire restrained the feeling of cold feet and told Andrew, "Mr. Andrew, please wait for a moment. I have something to tell you. It's about Miss Ashley."

To convince Andrew to stay, Claire purposely mentioned Ashley's name.

As she expected, when Andrew heard Ashley's name, his eyes were now fixed on Claire.

Claire let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that Mr. Andrew truly still cared about Ashley.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have reacted this way. This would be great! If it weren't for this reaction, Claire would've been worried that Andrew would be on his family's side on this matter.

"Mr. Andrew, can we please talk in private?" Claire suggested.

This was because Claire and Andrew were standing at the head of the stairs, Ashley could see them as soon as she came out. It might probably cause some misunderstandings to occur.

This was why Claire wanted to change locations.

Soon after, Andrew and Claire were at a corner in the house.

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