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   Chapter 488 A Matchmaker

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Ashley said and ran away, grabbing Andrew's phone.

Andrew watched her leave and said nothing.

He hadn't set any password on his phone, so Ashley unlocked it as soon as she grabbed it.

Ashley was surprised

that Andrew hadn't bothered to set a password.

Andrew's wallpaper looked familiar. It was a picture of Ashley.

She wondered when Andrew had taken this picture.

In the picture, Ashley was facing the other side, with her head tilted towards the left. She noticed that she wasn't wearing makeup. Ashley didn't know whether it was the lighting or Andrew's camera that made her look so good.

Although Ashley wasn't someone who admired herself, she couldn't help but think that she was looking pretty in the picture.

Ashley turned towards Andrew and looked at him in shock. She couldn't believe that he had kept her picture as his phone's wallpaper.

Ashley didn't want to peek into Andrew's phone anymore.

His phone looked brand new, as if he hadn't done much with it, other than change his wallpaper.

He only had the default applications and hadn't bothered to download anything else.

Ashley sighed and kept his phone aside as she didn't find the app that she was looking for. She grabbed her phone to check out the restaurant.

When Ashley was checking the menu, she remembered that she was at Andrew's office, which was at the top floor of the Lu Group. They definitely couldn't bring the food all the way up.

Ashley looked at the food on the screen longingly and finally gave up.

She walked up to Andrew and pouted.

Andrew couldn't ignore her, especially when she was pouting like a cute puppy.

"What's up?" Andrew asked.

"They can't bring the food here," Ashley said, looking sad.

Andrew ruffled her hair and said, "I'll ask Johnny to bring it."

'Johnny!' Ashley was shocked to hear this name.

"No way!" she bellowed.

Andrew frowned. "What's wrong?"

Ashley bit her lower lip when she realized that she had overreacted.

"No, I just feel sorry to bother hi

ked the picture and captured the moment.

The boat was running in the middle of the lake and many kinds of lotuses were floating by on both sides.

Andrew was standing in the midst of a background that was filled with green leaves, where the red and white flowers intertwined, making him look more handsome than he already was. Ashley loved the photo the moment she took it and had set it as her wallpaper since that day.

Andrew grinned and kept quiet when he saw Ashley's angry face.

Ashley shoved the phone into her pocket. "Well, I'm hungry. Let's go out and eat."


They left the office and had dinner happily.

Andrew asked what she wanted to do next. Ashley thought for a while and decided to take him to an amusement park.

Ashley had always wanted to take him there for a long time. Although she had been with Andrew for quite some time now, they never got the chance to really enjoy the outdoors.

It was rare that they were both free today. She decided to have the time of her life with Andrew at the amusement park.

The amusement park was filled with couples.

The couples were walking hand in hand, deciding which game they were going to play.

Everyone's eyes were fixed at Andrew and Ashley. The people couldn't take their eyes off them. They were a beautiful couple that looked perfect for each other.

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