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   Chapter 487 Gain Private Ends

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Ashley took a good look at Andrew's face. She stared at his features.

His eyelashes were long, warped and thick.

Andrew closed his eyes. With his eyes closed, he looked a lot more gentle and tame. Ashley couldn't help but be captivated by his soft features.

"You are a man, but you look so pretty..." Ashley muttered.

Andrew usually had a stern and hard look on his face. It was extremely masculine, and many women would fall head over heels in love with Andrew if he wore a smile.

Andrew was the most desirable man in J City. Some women would do anything to have the opportunity to be beside him even though he had a poker face all day. What was more, if they saw his sleeping face, they would be trapped with him.

Now, he was alone with Ashley. She was very grateful for moments like this.

Ashley let the moments pass, as she watched Andrew sleeping. She was not in the least bit bored. She decided to count his tiny eyelashes.

"One, two, three, four... Fifty-six..."

Ashley, had been so focused on counting Andrew's eyelashes that she didn't notice them move slightly.

Andrew gently roused. He was already awake, when he heard Ashley counting. Andrew had always been a light sleeper, who needed minimal rest. He had been used to getting only a few hours of sleep, because of his busy schedule.

He couldn't help but laugh when he heard Ashley talking to herself before she counted his eyelashes.

His Ash was so adorable.

Andrew wished it could always be like this with him and Ashley, forever.

Andrew opened his eyes and said in a deep voice, "Have you finished counting? How many eyelashes do I have?"

Ashley answered subconsciously, "Not yet. I just counted to over sixty. What's the number? Sixty four or sixty five? Oh, I forgot..."

Confused, Ashley looked up and found that Andrew had fully woken up and was smiling at her.

Embarrassed, she lowered her head. She asked in a low voice that surprised herself, "You're awake? I didn't notice."

"Of course I'm awake. I wouldn't have noticed your sweet and cute curves, if I were asleep," Andrew said.

Ashley covered her face.

She suddenly felt ashamed that Andrew had noticed her silly actions.

"Well, since you're awake

on't have to call him. After you finish your work here, we'll go back home," Ashley said. She stretched out her finger and touched Andrew's cellphone. Without wasting a second, she canceled the call.

Ashley stood beside Andrew and held his hand.

She looked at him and smiled when he glanced at her in confusion. Nobody could find anything wrong.

In fact, Ashley had been in a dilemma.

Amaia had sent a message to Ashley this morning, asking her to go shopping together. Ashley took one look at Andrew who was lying down peacefully beside her, and finally refused because it was Saturday and she wanted to spend more time with Andrew.

It was Ashley who finally called Johnny. She thought that Andrew was in no hurry today, so she decided to tell Johnny that there was not much work to do.

She told Johnny to work on Monday, instead.

Johnny didn't believe it, at first. It seemed too good to be true that he didn't need to work overtime. She took a picture of Andrew sleeping like a baby to convince Johnny.

Once Johnny saw the picture, he was convinced.

Ashley had already told Amaia to ask Johnny out. Amaia had no doubt about Ashley's words. She guessed that Amaia and Johnny might be already on a date now.

Now if Andrew called Johnny, she would be exposed. Didn't she gain private ends for them from the work?

Andrew looked at Ashley and asked, "What's wrong?"

Ashley responded, "Nothing. You just stay here. I'm going to order some take-out food."

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