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   Chapter 486 I Want A Girlfriend

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6743

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How long ago could it possibly be?

Or was it a long time enough for him to even remember who it was?

Ashley continued to read. She read the paragraph where Andrew had scribbled his notes.

Andrew was perhaps in a good mood when he was reading this paragraph. The words that were scribbled on the paper looked bold—as if it was written with full force. The quality of the book was good. Otherwise, Andrew would have punctured the paper. Ashley wondered what Andrew was thinking when he wrote it.

It was no big deal, but the words in it drew her attention.

"How can I make her fall in love with me?" The vivid words stared at her.

'Who was he thinking about?'

Ashley thought as she raised her eyebrows.

The entry didn't have a date.

The book looked new and was maintained well. So Ashley couldn't figure out when it was written.

Who was Andrew referring to?

Was it his ex-girlfriend?

Ashley suddenly lost interest reading the book.

But as far as Ashley knew, Andrew didn't seem like a guy who had a girlfriend. Ashley felt that he didn't like anyone, either.

Ashley felt that she would ask Johnny about it at the right time.

Ashley settled on the couch and was feeling drowsy. Her mind was too exhausted to read anymore.

Although she had slept quite well in the afternoon, she was constantly yawning. She couldn't keep her eyes open.

Ashley didn't understand why she was sleepy. She was perpetually tired these days.

She lay flat on the couch and soon fell asleep.

Andrew was back after dealing with the documents. He saw that Ashley had fallen asleep on the couch.

Ashley's eyebrows were knitted together and she looked uncomfortable sleeping on the couch.

Andrew walked towards Ashley and swept her in his arms. He walked into the lounge adjacent to his office, carrying her bridal-style, and lay her on the bed. He looked at Ashley's calm face and tucked her in.

Andrew leaned on the side of the bed and looked at her carefully. Ashley looked thinner than b

are we?"

"In the office. You fell asleep on the couch last night and I didn't want to wake you up, so we've been here all night."

Ashley's heart melted into a puddle, and she had butterflies in her stomach when she heard Andrew's voice.

'How could his voice do a thousand pleasant things to my body?' she thought.

Ashley shut her ears.


What time is it now?" Ashley asked.

"It's still early. Sleep beside me for a while longer." Andrew grabbed Ashley and swept her into his arms.

Andrew didn't like to wake up late, but it was different when Ashley was with him.

Even if he had important things to attend to, he wanted to spend every minute and every hour with Ashley.

Ashley was wide awake as she had slept early. She didn't want to sleep any longer.

It felt right to hold Ashley in his arms. Andrew didn't want to let her go.

He just wanted to stay in bed with her, even if it meant that he couldn't work. Andrew held Ashley tightly and closed his eyes.

Ashley turned around and looked at Andrew.

She couldn't stop looking at his flawless face. The more she looked at his skin, the more jealous she became. How could a man have such amazing skin? His skin was smooth and silky. There wasn't a trace of a zit or pore. It didn't look like a man's skin at all. It was even better than that of women.

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