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   Chapter 485 Warmth

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They were able to go on with their tasks without disturbing Andrew. Doing their own thing, the atmosphere was quite harmonious.

Even though Ashley had already been here before, she wasn't able to have a good look at Andrew's office because she was preoccupied with something else then.

Andrew's office was undoubtedly the best one in the building. It was more than 100 square meters and no bright colors could be seen anywhere.

Everything was either black or white which was very fitting for Andrew who was always aloof and emotionless.

Still, everything was organized properly.

Next to her was a huge book shelf which was home to thousands of books. The book shelf was also a lot taller than Ashley.

Ashley walked slowly to the shelf. She wanted to see what kind of books Andrew liked to read.

However, as soon as she saw the books all lined up, she suddenly felt stupid. Especially compared to Andrew.

There were so many books. Some of the words she didn't even know. She didn't even know what country they were from.

Ashley couldn't believe that she couldn't even recognize a single book on the book shelf.

As she stood in front of the book shelf for a while, she finally found a book in Chinese.

With a smile on her face, she got on her toes and grabbed the book.

The book was obviously very well-preserved. Still, Andrew had written a lot of notes all over the book.

Ashley opened the book, turned a few pages casually, and closed it decisively.

Ashley could only recognize Andrew's handwriting as beautiful. Although she could recognize every single word, she had no idea what they meant.

She rested her chin on her hand, resting her eyes on the bookshelf. 'No two people are exactly the same, ' she thought.

Ashley suddenly felt bored. When she was about

ut I'm almost done," Andrew said.

In fear that Ashley was already getting bored, he quickly added, "But I can finish it tomorrow."

There were only a few files left on Andrew's desk. "It's fine, go ahead. Finish what you have to. I can sit on the couch and read."

Andrew blinked several times as he looked at Ashley. 'I should have thrown out that book as soon as I finished reading it, ' he thought to himself.

As he went back to work, he still couldn't get his mind off the book. The book was mostly romance. Nothing unusual about it.

Andrew glanced at Ashley who seemed busy with reading. It seemed as if she liked it.

Ashley hadn't read a novel in a while.

She recalled that the last time she had read a romantic novel, she was still in either middle school or high school.

At that time, everyone wanted a prince charming the way they were written in romance novels.

However, novels were just novels. They were all fiction and thus, just merely a product of someone else's imagination.

Ashley stole a glance at Andrew as she read through the notes, trying to hold back her laughter.

'You said this was Johnny's but why do you have notes on it? Detailed notes even!'

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