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   Chapter 484 I Didn't Know

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Andrew sat in the office and stared outside at the heavy traffic.

After hanging up the phone, Ashley pressed her lips together and smiled. She ran downstairs eagerly and asked Claire if dinner was ready.

Claire answered with a smile, "It's ready. I have prepared all your favorites. Miss Mu, do you want to eat now?"

Ashley's eyes lit up as she saw her favorite dishes on the table.

She had been enjoying her meal at Duncan's house for the past few days but she had always preferred to eat at home. She missed Claire's home-cooked meals like these.

"No, I won't. I'm sending food to Andy."

"Okay, Miss Mu. Please wait a moment. I'll get you a thermos box."

Ashley answered, "Okay. Thank you, Claire."

When Claire went to get the thermos box, Ashley went upstairs to tidy herself up. She put on a long white dress, with her hair hanging down freely.

Ashley went downstairs, and Claire was already there, waiting for her with the thermos box.

"Miss Mu, you didn't have much for dinner. I packed more food in there so you can eat with him,"

Claire said.

Ashley didn't need to think much about it. It was a wonderful suggestion from Claire. "Good idea," Ashley said.

Ashley put the box into a bag and said, "Claire, I'm leaving now."

Claire answered, "Okay."

It was Josef who came to pick up Ashley. Josef had picked up Ashley and drove her around town so much, that he was as good as her own personal driver.

Now that Andrew had arrived, all that was about to change. He would be driving Andrew around more.

Andrew tried to pay close attention to the relevant documents in front of him. He could barely keep his attention on them. He constantly glanced at the door to see if Ashley had arrived.

Not too many people bothered to work overtime in the company. Most of the employees were home by five o'clock.

When Ashley arrived at the company offices, Johnny was already waiting for her on the first floor.

As soon as he saw her, he led her to the special elevator for the president.

Johnny saw the bag in Ashley's hand and said, "Miss Mu, let me take it."

Johnny knew that Ashl

ood right beside him. With a smile, she asked, "What are you looking at?"

Andrew turned to Ashley and asked, "Do you think these buildings are beautiful?"

Ashley followed his gaze.

They were standing right at the heart of J City. This was the center of the busy city, and right where all the action was. The Lu Group had their offices built right on prime real estate.

Andrew's floor was much higher than the other companies. Standing here, he could overlook the whole J city.

Ashley shook her head and answered, "I don't know."

It was right where the action was. This was the busiest and most prosperous part of J City. Here, many people struggled to make ends meet, while others pursued their dreams, and even more tried to settle down.

It was a very busy place, and the epitome of bustling city life. Despite this, Ashley felt very comfortable, and right at home here with Andrew.

Ashley wasn't really sure what to make of the city and its dual nature. Whatever it was, it was her home.

Another gust of wind blew, making Ashley a little cold. She wrapped her arms to warm herself. It was a night breeze in July, but Ashley still felt a little chilly.

Andrew noticed that she was cold and he put his coat over her. He then closed the window to keep warm. "We better get back to work, I guess."

Ashley nodded, "Okay."

While Andrew was busy with his work, Ashley looked around his office.

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