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   Chapter 483 Okay

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Mr. Li's face darkened. He didn't say anything more and left right away.

The senior executives exchanged glances with each other, uncertain of what had just happened.

Johnny also left when Andrew left so he didn't hear what they were talking about.

At the Golden Palace.

When Ashley woke up, she stared up at the familiar ceiling above her. She was still in a daze.

'Where am I? Is this Andrew's place?

Or Duncan's?'

Ashley supported her head with her hand as she sat up.

She felt a little dizzy and sleepy as she had quite a long nap that afternoon.

Ashley sat up and put a pillow behind her back. She picked up her phone when she wasn't dizzy anymore.

It was six o'clock in the evening.

She recalled that it was just two o'clock when she picked up Andrew at the airport.

Her nap had lasted that long?

Ashley patted her head and looked around. 'Where's Andrew?

Where is he?'

He must have dropped her off.

Ashley walked out of the bedroom. She went to the living room and looked around but Andrew wasn't there.

"My lady, you're up."

Claire had been sitting in the living room. The millet congee she cooked earlier was ready but Ashley was still in bed and Claire didn't want to disturb her.

Ashley asked, "Claire, where's Andrew?"

Claire smiled, "Mr. Lu drove you home and then went back to work."

Confused, Ashley asked, "He went back to work?"

"Yes, Miss Mu. You fell asleep when you came back. It was Mr. Lu who took you to your bedroom."

Ashley nodded mindlessly.

"Miss Mu, are you hungry? I'll get you a bowl of porridge." Claire could tell that Ashley was still a bit confused so she helped her sit on the couch.

Ashley nodded.

While waiting for Andrew at the airport, Ashley didn't have l

ff work before 5 pm.

Andrew looked at the pile of documents in front of him and frowned. He also wanted to go home early so he could be with her but he had a lot of work to catch up on especially after being gone for half a month.

After going through the files the entire afternoon, Andrew thought of Ashley as he answered, "I'll be back soon."

"Oh," Ashley said, "Have you eaten? Do you need me to bring you something to eat? " Ashley asked hesitantly.

Andrew was about to leave but he stopped.

What did she just say?

Did she just offer to bring him food?

Ashley could only hear silence on the other end of the line. She figured maybe Andrew didn't want her bringing him food. After all, they hadn't gone public with their relationship yet.

If she just showed up at his office with food for him...

Ashley pursed her lips and hesitated, "I..."

Andrew cut her off, "Okay."



Ashley was surprised. She had assumed that Andrew didn't want her bringing him food lest the others find out about their relationship.

"Well, did you change your mind?"

Ashley came back to her sense and hurriedly replied, "No, no, I'm on my way."

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