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   Chapter 481 Impatient to See You Again

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Was it at the sight of Ashley's fiery and passionate eyes or was it because when their eyes locked? Either way, he felt her staring into his soul, and Andrew felt goose bumps all over his skin.

They just stared into each other's eyes, reassuring themselves this wasn't a dream.

The weariness of waiting the entire morning for Ashley had vanished from her body.

The moment she saw Andrew she was fully alert and present.

Even though Andrew had only been gone for less than half a month, it felt like ages for Ashley.

So, it was true what Ashley heard from others that when one was in love, and they became separated that one day apart would feel like an eternity.

Ashley slowly smiled and did something that she never thought she would do before.

She sprinted towards her love, Andrew.

Even though many people were coming in and out of the airport, creating a scene of confusion, for Ashley, she could only see Andrew.

When she sprinted towards Andrew, Andrew's bodyguards tried stopping her, but they stopped on seeing Johnny's head nod.

"This is Miss Mu, the president's girlfriend. Can you not see the sincere smile on the president's face?" "How foolish of you to try to stop these two."

The bodyguards hesitated for a second when they saw Johnny looking at them. This pause of only a second allowed Ashley to fall in Andrew's outspread arms. The two embraced.

The familiar smell of Andrew's tobacco eased her muscles and all the worries and unhappiness she had recently went through in J City. She could genuinely relax now.

The bodyguards perceived that Ashley was falling onto Andrew, but Andrew didn't say or do anything about it, so they decided to not worry about it.

Thus, they returned to their original positions, by Andrew's side, and protect him from any other real threats.

Andrew also embraced Ashley tightly. The moment he saw and touched her, he felt alive once again.

During his time away, Andrew only focused his thoughts and actions on solving the business problems, so he could return to be with Ashley as soon as possible.

And here they were, embracing each other.

Ashley felt the same. Her mind was constantly focused on Andrew. She had never thought or believed that she would think abo

hley yawned.

Ashley wasn't able to sleep well last night because of her anticipation of Andrew's return. Moreover, she woke up so early this morning to leave for the airport and wait for her husband. Smelling Andrew's comforting smell and being in his warm arms, she couldn't help but nod off.

Thus, she did exactly what she said she would. She fell asleep in Andrew's arms.

"Slow down the car Johnny," Andrew ordered.

Johnny slowed down the car, so it would make less noise and not wake up Ashley.

He really didn't want to continue seeing the lovey-dovey couple, and their overwhelming affection for each other.

Andrew looked at Ashley with concern and began covering her with his suit jacket.

'Now, Ashley would sleep better, ' Andrew thought to himself.

"President Lu, are we going to go to the company or the villa now?"

Johnny wanted to make sure since Ashley was with them.

Andrew used to go straight to the company after a business trip. But since Ashley was with them and sleeping, Johnny thought it best to ask.

Andrew looked at Ashley sleeping and frowned, "Let's go back to the villa."

Johnny replied, "Okay, sir."

Johnny had gotten used to seeing Andrew take care of Ashley. Nothing was more important than her now.

After they drove into the villa, Ashley still hadn't woken up, so Andrew carefully carried her into the villa.

This meant he left Johnny in the car without any further directions. Johnny just sat there confused with what to do next.

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