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   Chapter 480 Every Man For Himself

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Even if something would happen to him, he said he wouldn't be the one affected the most.

Of course, it was easy for him to say that! He had never been affected terribly before.

Although Mr. Li was enraged, he could do nothing about it.

After all he was the one who had agreed to cooperate with the Lu family.

Now they were in the same boat. Sure, it was no big deal.

If any trouble in the future came, he would just go to the Lu family. If the Lu family didn't care about him, then he couldn't be blamed for being merciless.

After all, every man was for himself, right?

Now that Mrs. Lu told him so, he would do as she said.

He just hoped that they would take care of any problems that arose.

Arya would never know how embarrassed Andrew would be one day when he came back after she had said that to Mr. Li.

Of course, it was too early for Arya to know any of this.

In the house of the Tang family.

Nancy got up early to prepare breakfast; at that moment, Duncan came back after a morning run.

Ashley should be coming down the stairs by now.

So why wasn't she coming?

Was she oversleeping?

Seeing Duncan waiting for Ashley, so they could have breakfast together at the table, Nancy decided she would check what was going on. She told Duncan, "Young master, how about having breakfast first? I'll go upstairs to see what's going on."

Duncan shook his head and replied, "Don't worry Nancy, I'll wait for her to come down."

Seeing Duncan so patient, Nancy didn't want to say anything more.

Going upstairs, she went to Ashley's room and knocked at the door. "Miss Mu, are you up? The young master is downstairs waiting for you to have breakfast with him."

There was no response. She then knocked at the door again, but again there was no response.

Nancy frowned, opened the door and walked in. "Miss Mu, are you a

aited for Andrew. It was taking too long.

She held her purse and checked her phone. Her phone's battery was already at its last bar.

It was two o'clock in the afternoon but there were still many people at the airport. Maybe because it was summer, and everyone was feeling drowsy.

Ashley leaned her head against hand and looked at the exit. In fact, there were a lot of exit gates here, so she was not sure where Andrew would come out of.

In order to see all the exits and the possibility of Andrew coming out of any of them, she moved to a different seat.

Ashley poked at her phone and felt bored. She could not get through to Andrew even if she called him. Perhaps he was still on the plane.

Ashley looked at Andrew's telephone number and boringly looked at the numbers.

Staring blankly at the exits, she suddenly saw a familiar figure.

It was Andrew in his usual, nice black suit.

Johnny followed Andrew, carrying a bag in his hand, acting like Andrew was the boss.

There were also a lot of tall and strong men in black suits standing next to Andrew, probably bodyguards meant to protect him.

When Ashley saw Andrew, she couldn't take her eyes off him. She was in a trance, as if he was the only person there.

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