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   Chapter 479 Come Back

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7343

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'What now? I always have to keep my guard here. Andrew has been away for a while, and Lesley couldn't help but make my life miserable. Now that he's coming back, she's terrified.

She's just putting up a nice front for me.

She wouldn't dare do any of this with Andrew around!' Ashley thought.

Ashley noticed that she was almost at the airport. Ruminating like this would be pointless. Ashley decided to push such thoughts aside and focus on the present.

She didn't want to ruin her good mood today.

The clock was ticking.

It was a new day and everything was set for her.

Ashley arrived at the airport soon enough. She paid the driver and watched the car speed away for a moment, before getting into the airport.

Ashley felt the early pangs of hunger as she entered the place. She passed by a small restaurant, and she just had to get some breakfast. Once she was done eating, Ashley waited for Andrew to arrive.

Ashley had been waiting a long time for this moment. She could not help but glance at her phone and the arrivals gate over and over again. She checked the clock repeatedly to see if Andrew had arrived. Ashley just couldn't sit still.

She tried to play cell phone games to pass the time but she just couldn't keep calm.

Amaia and Claire called Ashley periodically. Both of them asked Ashley to go back to the villa.

When Arya stayed in Andrew's villa, Claire immediately recognized her. She did not dare say anything, but as soon as Arya left, she asked Ashley to come back.

Before everything that happened, Claire had a good relationship with Ashley. She detested the fact that Arya was at the villa in Ashley's stead.

Claire felt bad for Ashley, especially after what Arya had done to her.

Ashley reassured Claire that she would be back by tonight. She hung up the phone and continued to wait for Andrew.

Amaia also called Ashley to check up on her. People from the company were starting to wonder if Ashley would show up for work.

Amaia was taken aback. She wondered what was wrong with Ashley.

Ashley comforted Amaia and insisted that she was fine. Johnny was her cousin, and perhaps he knew that, so the superior leaders would come an


Arya managed to reassure herself, and she decided not to think of her worries, for now. She did her best to reassure Mr. Li. "It's no problem that she didn't go back. Would she want us to invite her back? What are you worrying about? If there is something wrong, we will be here and no one will find out about any of this. We've got this all under control.

By the way, you don't have to keep an eye on Ashley anymore. Andrew is coming back today. We don't want him to get suspicious or anything."

Arya spoke firmly and it was not evident that, at the back of her head, she was also worried.

Mr. Li was still a little uneasy. He wanted to say something, but Arya spoke again. "It looks like there's nothing of consequence there. Let's call it a day. Stop worrying already. If anything important happens, let me know immediately."

Arya hung up.

Mr. Li had heard everything. His fears were not allayed and he frowned. If anything, he was now frustrated. His anger was now starting to overcome him.

He was so angry that he threw his phone to the floor.

'It's no problem?

Of course there would be no problem, for you! You're a member of the Lu family, and not just any member! You're Andrew's mother. Of course, he would not dare hurt you!

But what about me? I work for Andrew! I'm just a disposable employee to him.

If he were to find out about my involvement, he would not hesitate to get rid of me! I'm finished!' thought Mr. Li.

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