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   Chapter 477 Confusion

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6524

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"Andrew has gone on a business trip, and Ashley practically came running into Duncan's home.

Now, Andrew is coming back. I'm afraid that Ashley is also going to move out from Duncan's house," Lesley told Shirley.

Shirley also knew some details about Lesley and Andrew's history.

Ever since she was a little girl, Lesley liked Andrew. It was like they were meant to be, from the very beginning. Everyone in J City thought they would end up together.

Besides, the Lu family and the Feng family were in an agreement, weren't they?

Why would Lesley say that?

On top of that, it had something to do with Ashley.

"Andrew?" Shirley lightly asked Lesley, who was a little upset.

"Aren't you going to be engaged? How could it be? Besides, what does this have to do with Ashley?" Shirley asked in confusion.

Lesley let out a sigh and said, "Everything has changed when I came back from abroad. It was not long ago that I found out that Ashley became Andrew's wife.

I have seen her, too. I grew up with Andrew and I know him well. He barely got intimate with any woman before, so it is very likely that Ashley would cheat on him.

I wasted no time to check Ashley. I found out that she..."

Intrigued, Shirley sat and listened to Lesley gossip about Ashley's evil practices.

How Ashley seduced Andrew. How Ashley held her head high in front of her and so on.

While listening to Lesley, Shirley discovered that the Ashley she met was not the Ashley Lesley was talking about.

It if were not the same name, Shirley would have never thought of them as the same person.

Shirley tried to say something, but she couldn't say a word because she felt a little sour.

While taking a sip from her cup of coffee, Shirley stammered, "Is there any misunderstanding? I think we're confusing two different persons with same name, don't you think?"

While Shirley was still trying to speak for Ashley, Lesley looked at her and sneered

uncan and herself, and if she had fallen in love with Duncan.

Contented with her aim, Lesley smiled and softly said, "It's late now. Go back to rest. Andrew will be coming back tomorrow. Although he has Ashley by his side, I have to pick him up. I have to go."

"Okay. Goodbye, Miss Lesley," Shirley bid her farewell.

Lesley slightly nodded to Shirley, and left with her bag and her high heels.

Sitting there alone, Shirley was left stammered.

After arranging her thoughts, Shirley quickly took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Ashley.

She wanted to confirm if Ashley was really leaving Duncan's house tomorrow.

Ashley replied immediately.

"Yes, they will come back tomorrow. I don't want to disturb Duncan," Ashley said. "What's up? Is there anything wrong?" she added.

When Shirley saw Ashley's response, her hands suddenly felt very weak and her cellphone slipped.

Like what Lesley said, Ashley would really leave the Tang family tomorrow.

'Is Ashley really as disgraceful as Lesley claimed?' Shirley thought. She wished Lesley's words were all wrong.

Ashley wondered how Shirley knew that she would leave Duncan's villa tomorrow. She had just told Duncan and Nancy.

How could Shirley suddenly know that? The thought left Ashley completely boggled.

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