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Elain smiled as she looked at Edmund, seeming happy that she discovered his secret.

"Stop talking nonsense, smart girl," said Edmund.

"I'm telling the truth, Dad. When are we going to Ellie's house? I miss Sister Ellie a lot."

Elain threw herself into Edmund's arms with her eyes filled with expectation.

Edmund couldn't help but glance at Elain helplessly, and asked, "Didn't you already visit her last time? Why do you want to go there again?"

"I don't care about that. I just really like Ellie. I want to go back to her place and have fun." Elain put up a little tantrum like a spoiled child.

Edmund received a surprised look from Shirley as she asked, "Edmund, who's this Sister Ellie that Elain wants to visit again?"

Ever since Edmund's wife, Shirley's sister-in-law died, Edmund had been extremely busy working at the company and also taking care of Elain. He hadn't had time to spare to look for a girlfriend.

Even if he did have the time, he was quite afraid that Elain would possibly get hurt since she was still young.

Edmund could only look at Elain as he replied to Shirley's words, "It's all because of Elain here. Last time when I took her to the supermarket to do some shopping, I didn't buy her any crisps. She ran away while I was picking things to buy. Then Ellie saw the little devil and they got to know each other from there."

Elain was still unwilling to admit that she ran away that time. She went into Edmund's arms and buried her blushing face filled with embarrassment.

Upon hearing this, Shirley just had to chuckle as she told Elain, "Elain, there's a really good reason why your dad won't allow you to eat those crisps. They're not good for your health."

Edmund looked at Elain, who was still buried in his arms, and joked, "What's wrong now? Are you getting embarrassed?"

"No!" Elain abruptly said as she raised her head to glare at both of them.

Shirley looked at Edmund with a smile upon seeing this. "Edmund, you're not young anymore and Elain is already old enough. Isn't it time for you to think about your marriage from here on out?"

Edmund nodded to show that he agreed that it was time for him to find someone new. "I know... I know... However, I'm worried about you. How are you and Duncan doing?"

Shirley responded wit

as there a relationship between Duncan and Ashley that she didn't know about?

Now, Shirley remembered that Ashley had been living in his house.

The house was a gift from his mother on his 18th birthday, and it was quite special to him.

He would seldom take people there.

Even Shirley had only been there for a few times, and she was never allowed to stay there for even a night.

Even though she admired Ashley, she wouldn't let herself misjudge on what was right and wrong.

Lesley looked back at her and stared at her eyes before taking a sip of coffee, and then she slowly said, "Yes, Ashley Mu.

Shirley, I'm sure that even you have seen how special Duncan has been treating her."

Shirley frowned upon hearing these words. She couldn't see anything that special, except that Duncan had only asked Ashley to live in his house.

She hesitantly asked, "What are you referring to, Miss Feng?"

Lesley sighed as her eyes turned dim. "Shirley, I have reasons to believe that Ashley has fooled both of us. We share the same pitiful suffering."

Shirley was confused by the words coming out of Lesley's mouth. She went silent and didn't say anything for a while. Shirley kept looking at her, hoping to hear if she had something else to say.

Lesley didn't notice Shirley's observant attitude. As if Lesley remembered something, she continued, "You didn't know... Did you? Ashley... Ashley and Andrew have been together. They too look very close. Just like at Duncan's villa, she also lived in Andrew's house."

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