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   Chapter 475 Departure

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With a straight face, Ashley listened attentively as Amaia spoke of her shortcomings.

Every now and then, she nodded her head in agreement.

After hearing what Amaia had to say, Ashley took a deep breath. "Why don't I know that I have so many bad habits?" Ashley said.

Amaia gave a small cough and said, "Of course you have bad habits. If I hadn't been so patient with you..."

"Well, that's it. Thank you so much. I have to hang up now. Let's go have something to eat next time. My treat," Ashley said.

Then Ashley hung up the phone.

Amaia was such a little chatterbox.

Their conversation had her feeling overwhelmed.

Ashley couldn't possibly know Lesley and the Lu family's intention too clearly. They could hardly wait to take action when Andrew left.

In fact, it seemed as if they had used every reason to threaten her to leave Andrew.

At that time, she felt that she was cornered.

But now, as soon as they found out that Andrew was returning, they were planning to get Ashley back?

How hypocritical they were!

One thing was for sure--Ashley wouldn't do as they were expecting.

That entire evening, Ashley had a smile on her face. She even had one more bowl of rice than usual. It was clear that she was extremely elated.

"What's up with you? You seem to be very happy today," Duncan said, noticing the smile on Ashley's face.

Ashley gave a firm nod. Of course she was happy. Andrew was coming back, and the people who stood behind her were also coming back soon. She felt like she was on cloud nine.

"Yes, my family called me just now. They'll be coming here to J City tomorrow, so I'll be able to go back," she explained.

"Sorry to bother you the past couple of days. I appreciate your kind hospitality, Duncan," Ashley added.

Then, she looked at him and thanked him sincerely, smiling from ear to ear.

She didn't know where she would be if it weren't for Duncan.

Lesley conspired with the Lu family to set her up like this. They were powerful enough to control everything in J City. No hotel would take her in no matter where she went.

If she hadn't met Duncan, Ashley really didn't know what she would do or where she would

nything happen? You seem to be deeply troubled, Shirley."

Shirley shook her head and said, "I'm fine. Don't worry."

Jean sighed, "How can I not worry about you when you're acting like this? Our mother passed away at such an early age, and we had no one but each other when we were growing up. I know exactly what you're thinking and how you're feeling. Tell me, are you worried because of Duncan?"

"" Shirley stammered.

"No? He's the only one who can make you this distracted. Tell us the truth!" Edmund urged.

Elain looked at them curiously and asked, "Dad, does my aunt like this Duncan fellow?"

"My smart little girl, do you know what 'like' is?" Edmund asked as he picked her up in his arms.

Hearing that, Elain nodded. She had two pigtails on her head, both of which were put up into buns. With every movement she made, her hair would bounce up and down together with her head.

"I know what 'like' is. In our class, teacher Chen likes our art teacher Miss Lin. Every time when he sees Miss Lin, his face immediately blooms pink like a flower. Even his eyes get softer! And because of that, I definitely know what 'like' is.

So my classmates really want Miss Lin to come to our class when we take teacher Chen's class. What's more, teacher Lin likes me the most," Elain beamed.

Then, Elain looked up at Edmund with a grin.

"And daddy, you like Ellie, right? I can tell that you act differently whenever you see her."

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