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   Chapter 473 The Encounter

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Lesley elegantly set her bag aside and smiled. "Miss Su, it's likely that you are wondering why I came to see you today."

Shirley nodded, not wanting to deny this fact. She was quite wondering.

"Yes, Miss Feng, you are right, so what can I do for you?"

Lesley had ordered a cup of coffee and took a sip gracefully. Then she put the coffee cup down slowly.

"I don't dare to ask you to do anything. I just want to have a talk with you, Miss Su."

Shirley asked, "Okay, well, what do you want to talk about?"

"Do you know a person called Ashley Mu?" asked Lesley.

After asking, Lesley looked at Shirley's face, paying close attention to any expression that might hint at something.

Bewilderment showed on Shirley's face as she heard Ashley's name.

However, wondering the reason why Lesley was asking about her, Shirley knew something was up. Thus, she tried to put on her best emotionless face as possible.

She smiled back as gracefully and artificially as Lesley.

Inwardly, Shirley was confused, but she did not show it outwardly. "So what if I know her? And what if I don't?"

Lesley wasn't frustrated with Shirley's indifferent face.

She dared not look down upon Shirley because they were on the same class level.

Lesley laughed in a low voice. "Miss Su, you don't have to be so hostile towards me. The reason I came to you was because I just heard something by accident, and it seems that you are still in the dark about it, Miss Su. Thus, I wanted to tell you."

Shirley looked at the girl with the delicate make-up on her face. Lesley wore a knee-length light purple dress. Her fair-skinned and smooth arms and legs were exposed. Her fingers were painted with bright red nail polish, and she smiled at Shirley. She was the epitome of dignity.

Shirley thought Lesley deserved to be the most famous lady in J City.

She asked, "I see, Miss Feng. So, what would you like to tell me?"

Lesley frowned and said worriedly, "Well, you see, Miss Su, It's hard to explain to you in such a short time like now. Will you be free tonight? Then I can tell you everythin

ous. Thanks though. I'll go back home and have a good rest," Shirley replied.

Ashley suggested, "Let me walk you out."

Shirley refused, "No. stay here. Didn't you have an appointment anyways? You don't want to miss it."

It didn't matter to Ashley. Anyway, she had come here to meet Lesley, and she wanted an excuse to avoid seeing her.

"Well, then. I'll go upstairs. Be careful on your way home," said Ashley.

Shirley answered, "Okay."

Shirley didn't even think that Ashley and Lesley would know each other.

Just thinking about Duncan and Ashley being in the same house together, and then connecting it to what Lesley needed to tell her about rumors, Shirley believed it was too much for her. Thus, she might have been a little emotional.

Ashley didn't go upstairs until she saw Shirley leave.

It was a shopping building. The first floor was a market selling simple goods for daily use, and the second floor was for furniture and household appliances or so. Anyway, there were eight or nine floors, and the commodities on each floor were different.

Nevertheless, Ashley couldn't afford any of the products here.

Ashley came to the sixth floor as Lesley had told her and turned right. Then a cafe came into view.

There were not many people in there. The room was made of glass, so she could see the people inside clearly.

Ashley pushed the door open and went in.

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