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   Chapter 472 Let's Arrange A Meeting

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Arya did not bother to hide her contempt of Ashley. Her disgust for Ashley was written all over her face.

'I just can't believe this woman! Andrew was just gone for a few days and she has already managed to move into another man's house. I can't believe how low she's willing to go just to save her own skin!'

Andrew was already on the way back to J City. This concerned Arya a lot. Ashley was still around, and if Andrew were to find out what they had done to Ashley, she knew that he would not take it lightly. Arya knew very well that Andrew could be very vindictive, and it worried her to no end.

Arya was well aware of the lengths Andrew would do to get even. She knew what Andrew was capable of, and it scared Arya a lot.

With that in mind, Arya realized that Ashley had to leave J City, one way or another. She had to make sure of it.

"Well, Lesley, do you know Duncan?" Arya suddenly asked.

Lesley shook her head and replied, "No."

Although Duncan mingled in the same social circles as Lesley, she did not know him personally. At best, she had a nodding acquaintance with him, but she never spoke nor was familiar with him.

They did not know each other.

What's more, Lesley was fixated on only one man: Andrew. She did not bother with other men, no matter how wealthy, attractive, or eligible they were.

Arya frowned, "By the way, how is that thing going?"

Lesley knew what Arya was talking about, but she didn't want to hear about it. Lesley didn't feel comfortable discussing it.

Lesley bit her lips, "Auntie, I... Will it have any impact on Andrew?"

"Don't worry about Andrew. It's his fault if anything happens to him. After all, he was the one who has married that little bitch Ashley. Now, Ashley is staying in J city to gain time.

She is counting on Andrew to bail her out of the mess she's in. Now we have to do that thing, it's our last choice. Anyway, you can help Andrew if you become his wife. Just do it. Don't worry about anything. Andrew's father and I will support you."

Lesley furrowed her eyebrows and finally nodded.

"By the way,"

Arya asked Lesley to come in front of her and whispered something in her ear. Lesley nodded.

"Okay, I know, Mrs. Arya," Lesley replied, meekly.

Arya patted Lesley's hand and said, "Good girl, I know you love Andrew f

hey go shopping, was because she was afraid Ashley would be bored. There was usually nothing to do in the large villa so Shirley thought that shopping would be a welcome distraction for Ashley. Now that she was busy, boredom wouldn't be a concern anymore.

Ashley took a look at the address sent by Lesley. She took a quick change of clothes, and proceeded to head for the place.

'Forget it.

I will cope with different difficulties with different tactics. There is nothing to be afraid of.' Ashley thought to herself.

Meanwhile, after hanging up the phone, Shirley sat alone in a cafe and stirred the coffee in a cup with a little absence of mind.

Shirley was really starting to like Ashley. She could see the two of them getting along very well.

Growing up, Shirley faced a lot of pressure from her family. They raised her to be prim and proper all the time. There was a lot of pressure to be on top of the situation, and they often compared her to Lesley.

Just as Shirley was stirring the cup of coffee, she heard a voice from behind her.

"Shirley, are you alone?"

Shirley turned around.

Standing behind her was Lesley. She looked elegant but more than a little intimidating with her very high heels on. "Can I sit beside you?" Lesley asked her.

"Sure, as you wish, Miss Lesley," Shirley stammered

Shirley was puzzled. She did not know Lesley very well. It was very unusual that she would meet her like this. Wondering what this was all about, the expression on Shirley's face had revealed her confusion and doubt.

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