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   Chapter 471 Does He Dislike Me That Much

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Ashley gaped as Shirley smiled at her. Did she hear it right?

Adorable? It was not a word she would associate with herself, especially in this kind of situation. She just liked food. "Foodie" and "adorable" seemed to be very far-off words from each other.

Shirley noticed Ashley's seemingly petrified face and whispered uneasily, "Ashley, are you angry?"

Ashley came to her senses at Shirley's nervous question. "Angry? Why would I be? You just said that I'm adorable, so I was surprised.

Just stay here for now and leave after lunch."

Smiling, Shirley replied, "Okay."

A quiet ease settled between them. Already, a friendship was quickly blossoming between the two women.

They had common interests and predilections.

Thus, they got along naturally.

Ashley was surprised with how much Shirley knew. As they sat together, they talked about this and that, growing more and more comfortable as the conversation progressed.

Meanwhile, Nancy watched them with a concerned frown.

She had always known about Shirley's feelings for Duncan. Shirley was a perfectly nice girl, and it was hard not to like her. However, Duncan appeared almost unenthusiastic about their engagement, and so there was not much talk about the two of them.

On the other hand, Ashley was quite the girl as well. After spending several days with her, Nancy had seen her character. She was a good girl, and like Shirley, there was nothing she could fault her for.

It was a good thing for Duncan to show any interest in a woman, but the sight of Shirley gave Nancy conflicting feelings.

Shirley was Duncan's fiancee, but Ashley…

Nancy cut her thoughts short and sighed in resignation. 'Let nature take its course, ' she thought. 'In the end it would be Mr. Tang's decision.'

In matters of the heart, no matter how much one theorized, there were simply too many complicated factors.

As Nancy was cooking in the kitchen, Ashley and Shirley came to help.

Ashley appeared comfortable in the kitchen. She handled the knife with ease and cut the food with such precision that Shirley couldn't help but be impressed. "Ashley, you're so awesome!" she praised.

Ashley smiled at the compliment and looked up. "Oh, this is nothing. It's really easy to learn. If you want, I can teach you," she offered.

Shirley nodded enthusiastically at this. "Really? I would love that!"

oin us, Nancy," Ashley said.

Shaking her head, Nancy refused, "I don't think that would be a good idea. I will eat alone later. Please go ahead."

Nancy was already very close to Ashley and Shirley, but she had never dared to have dinner with them. How could she? She was nothing but a servant of the Tang family.

"But we cooked so much. We can't possibly eat this all. Besides, if you eat later, the food would have already gone cold," Ashley said.

Shirley echoed her sentiments. "That's right, Nancy. Why not eat with us?"

It seemed that the two ladies wouldn't take no for an answer, so Nancy yielded to their invitation. She sat at the table with Ashley and Shirley and the three of them shared a wonderful meal.

Meanwhile, in the Feng family house, Lesley had thought that this time Ashley would have no way out. She had nowhere to go: not the company, not her home, and not any hotel. If she was this cornered, then there was no other way for her but to leave Andrew.

To her surprise, Duncan came in and saved her.

Confused, she asked Arya, "Aunt Arya, what relationship does Ashley have with the Tang family? I heard that she has been staying at Duncan's house these days."

Arya mirrored Lesley's dissatisfaction. She too had thought this whole deal with Ashley would finally be done, but alas, she was once again able to escape.

"I don't know what happened." Arya seethed. "First Andrew, and now Duncan! That woman is truly a snake. It's only been a few days since Andrew was gone on a business trip, but she is already living in another man's house!"

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