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   Chapter 470 You're So Adorable

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Duncan was pretty sure that he would have breakfast the next day.

Since today, he felt a little better.

He couldn't help but look at Ashley who was concentrating on eating her noodles. Duncan smirked because she never even noticed him looking at her.

Ashley had been staying at Duncan's residence for a few days, and thankfully, everything was going smoothly between them.

No one knew what Duncan was busy with during the following two days after he had casually hung out with Ashley.

Every day since then he left the villa early in the morning and came back very late at night.

As a result, Ashley and Duncan didn't see each other.

Ashley was fine with this arrangement. According to her husband's schedule, Andrew should be back soon. Being naturally excited about his return, she was smiling all day, and everyone could notice.

Since Ashley had nothing else to do, she stayed in the villa and helped Nancy do some housework.

Nancy was also content with Ashley, who was not haughty but humble and sensible. She didn't know which wealthy family Ashley came from, but she did know that she was nice.

It made sense as to why her boss cared about this lady so much.

"Ding-dong, ding-dong."

The villa's doorbell rang.

Nancy cleaned her hands and was about to open the door when Ashley saw this and stepped in instead, saying, "Nancy, go on with your work. I can open the door."

"Okay Ashley," Nancy replied.

Outside, a woman in a light yellow dress looked at the gate of the villa, with some expectation and uneasiness.

She knew that it was not appropriate for her to come to this villa in this way, but she wanted to see him.

The woman took a deep breath and tried to smile as perfectly as she thought possible.

But when she saw Ashley open the door, her smile froze along with her heart.

Shirley Su was utterly shocked at seeing another woman here.

'A woman?

But Isn't this Duncan's house?

Why is there a young woman here?'

When Ashley saw a beautiful girl looking at her in disbelief, she was a little confused. She waved at the comer and asked, "Hello, who are you visiting?"

Shirley Su came back to her senses and comforted herself with t

d. "I am fine. I don't want to disturb him."

She didn't want to bother him, honestly. It had taken all her courage and effort just to come and visit him today.

Shirley asked, "May I know your number?"

Ashley was surprised for a moment and then asked, "My number?"

Looking at Ashley's expression, Shirley couldn't help but laugh. "Yes, there are only two of us here, and I already know my number. Whom do you think I am asking?"

Ashley was a little embarrassed. She was not close and had only met this girl moments ago, so for her it seemed natural that Shirley was talking to someone else. She never expected Shirley to ask for her number when they first met.

The two ladies exchanged their contact information.

Shirley put away her cellphone and said to Ashley, "Thank you, Ashley, I'm leaving now. Please let Nancy know I have left when she comes back."

Ashley stopped Shirley, asking her, "Oh, but aren't you going to have dinner here?"

Shirley just shook her head. "No, that's okay. I'm going to go back now."

Ashley insisted. "Well, how about you leave after lunch? After all, Nancy will be back soon. Aren't you hungry?

It seemed she was happy to see you, and I bet you she is planning to cook a lot for lunch because you are here. Wouldn't that be pitiful if all that food is wasted?"

Seeing Ashley's eyes light up as she mentioned about all the food, Shirley could not help but burst into laughter. "Ashley, you're so adorable."

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