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   Chapter 469 A Tasty Surprise

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"When I first saw him, I thought he was just a high school student. I didn't even fathom that he was older than me."

Ashley seemed to be thinking of something happy. Her face just beamed with beauty and positivity. She was smiling, and her eyebrows were perfectly curved. She looked very beautiful.

Duncan had never looked at a woman that long before. People probably thought he was gawking at her.

And what was even harder for him to understand was he didn't even know why he watched Ashley so intently today.

It was true Ashley was very beautiful. She had a small face and a smile on her lips all the time, as if there were no problems that bothered her.

It happened to be a red light at the intersection, so Duncan took this opportunity to carefully look at Ashley.

Looking at him confusingly, Ashley touched her face and asked, "What? Is there anything wrong? Is there anything dirty on my face?"

Looking ahead, Duncan answered, "No, Ashley. I just thought that you were very beautiful. Otherwise, I wouldn't have called you Miss Beauty when I first met you."

Ashley burst into laughter and exclaimed, "Miss Beauty? You're just trying to flatter me!"

"Yes, I suppose I do. I could still remember when you passed by in that white dress, I thought I saw an angel instead of a human being," Duncan answered.

Ashley touched her face and asked, "Am I really that beautiful?"

Ashley knew that she was more beautiful than other people, or Lena wouldn't have gone through all the trouble of creating trouble for her.

Nevertheless, she still felt a little shy and embarrassed when she heard it from other people.

When they arrived at the villa, Duncan asked Ashley, "Are you hungry?"

They had been busy and hadn't eaten much except for light snacks.

Ashley touched her stomach and said, "Yeah, maybe I am hungry."

Then Duncan added, "I'm a little hungry too. Let's go eat something before we call it a day."

"But Nancy is asleep now," Ashle

"I'm fine. Come and have a taste. How is it?"

Ashley walked over and saw two bowls of noodles on the table, which were still steaming hot. There were green vegetables and tomato as toppings and looked very enticing.

They smelled divine.

Ashley's eyes lit up.

Immediately, a pair of chopsticks were handed over to Ashley. She took the chopsticks and started to eat.

Looking at Ashley, Duncan asked nervously, "How does it taste?"

Ashley was scalded because she ate too fast and was gasping.

Upon seeing this, Duncan poured a glass of water for Ashley and said, "Drink some water. It's a little hot, and I forgot to tell you."

Ashley gulped the water down. She felt better.

She waved her hand. "I was too eager to taste it, but I didn't expect the noodles you cooked to be so good!"

Seeing this, Duncan was relieved. "You can eat more if you like it. But be careful not to burn your tongue."

Ashley answered, "Thanks I will."

They put the noodles on the dining table. The room was quiet and only the sound of their eating could be heard.

He looked at Ashley who was next to him.

He realized every time he came back, the whole villa was dark. Sometimes when he was hungry, he didn't bother to cook. He just simply washed up and then lay in bed. But with Ashley, he made the effort.

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