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   Chapter 468 Waiting For Her

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7147

Updated: 2020-01-22 00:02

"What's that, Sister Mu?" Greyson asked, looking at Ashley curiously.

"Nothing. It's just a file for the company."

"Can I have a look?"

"It's just an ordinary file. Nothing that would interest you," Ashley scoffed at Greyson.

Greyson pursed his lips and didn't say anything else. Turning around, he went to the kitchen to look for Ellie.

It was the same as when Ashley came in. Greyson went in the kitchen with a smile on his face and greeted Ellie. "Hey, Ellie! What are you doing?"

Ellie looked at Greyson surprised, "Greyson, did you come with Ashley?"

"Yup, I came in with her," he nodded.

Looking at the food Ellie was making, Greyson's eyes lit up with excitement. Involuntarily, he rubbed his belly. "Ellie, that looks so delicious! I feel a little hungry now just by the sight of what you're cooking!"

Beaming, Ellie looked at Greyson. "Really? Then you can stay here with Ashley for dinner," she offered.

"Great. What can I help you with?"

"No, it's okay. Thanks. The dinner will be ready in a minute. But you can take the food and put them on the table."

"I got it!" Greyson said as he rolled up his sleeves.

Greyson moved all the dishes to the dinner table in the living room. Seeing this, Ashley came over to help him. As soon as everything was on the table, they would finally be able to eat.

It was clear that Greyson couldn't wait any longer as his eyes longed for the yummy food on the table.

"You look as if you have been hungry for a long time," Ashley said, laughing.

"I can't help it! The food Ellie cooks is much better than those cooked by other people," Greyson replied.

Ashley walked over to get enough rice for Ellie and Greyson. A short while after, Ellie came out and sat at the dining table with Greyson. Ashley put down the bowls of rice on the table, but did not move to sit down with them.

Ellie looked at Ashley confusedly and asked, "Ashley, what's wrong? Aren't you going to eat with us?"

"No, I'm sorry. Just have your meal with Greyson. I have to go now. There is someone waiting for me downstairs. I will come for dinner next time," Ashley repl

of the back seat and was about to get in when Duncan stopped her.

"Hey, come and sit in front," he called out.

Ashley was stunned for a few seconds but then just nodded.

Truthfully, Ashley didn't mind where she sat in the car.

It was just her initial instinct to sit at the back seat where she sat with Greyson before.

Ashley settled in the passenger seat and fastened her seat belt.

The car drove away at once.

"Please don't take Greyson's words seriously. He meant no harm. He really just acts childish sometimes,"

Ashley suddenly said to Duncan.

Shame filled Ashley as she thought of what Greyson had said to Duncan in the car earlier.

But Duncan seemed not to care, and just smiled. "Well, I don't care about that," he said matter-of-factly.

"That's good."

"By the way...

What's your relationship with Greyson?" Duncan asked as casually as he could. "He calls you sister but I remember he doesn't have a sister. He only has one brother," he continued.

For a while, she thought about it, and remembered it was really awkward for them when they met each other. She couldn't help but smile.

"I met him accidentally. He looked cute and called me that. He calls me big sister but he is actually older than me."

Duncan glanced at Ashley with a serious look on his face. He cleared his throat, his eyes glued on the road. "Greyson has a deceptive face. I hope you know that."

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