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   Chapter 466 Together

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"Where are you planning to go, Ashley?" Greyson was a tad upset. Andrew had finally went out on a business trip, allowing Ashley to have some free time, and yet, she wanted to be with someone else. Now how could Greyson just let his sister go without doing anything?

"I have something to deal with, so I need to go and look for Ellie." Don't worry about me. You should go and hang out with your friends. I'll be fine."

Ashley told Greyson and then opened the door to go in.

When Ashley was about to push the door open, someone from the other side opened it first. It was Duncan, coincidentally. Duncan looked at her in surprise and asked, "Ashley, are you okay? What happened?"

Before Ashley could say anything, Greyson suddenly interjected. He looked at Duncan surprised and said, "Duncan? What are you doing here?"

Looking back and forth between Duncan and Ashley, he wondered how they knew each other.

Ashley was surprised and asked, "Do you guys know each other?"

Then she realized that the people who were invited at the Feng family's party must have high positions in society, running in the same circles and into each other.

Duncan cast a glance at Greyson and replied curtly.

Staring at Ashley, Greyson pointed at Duncan and asked, "Sister, why are you with Duncan?"

Ashley looked at Greyson's puzzled face. She didn't want to say anything more.

'What's that look on his face?

Is he suspecting that I'm be cheating on Andrew?' Ashley thought.

She then explained as clearly and slowly as possible to get the point across, "Duncan is my friend."

"A friend?" Greyson asked suspiciously.

Ashley's face darkened. She asked impatiently, "What are you implying?"

Greyson gave Ashley a flattering smile and said, "Sister Ashley, I don't mean to doubt you. I know you love Andrew. You would never fall in love with someone else like Duncan, would you?"

Ashley just stared and said nothing because the question was beyond answering.

Looking at their interaction, Duncan squinted, wondering what t

Ashley was in a really sticky situation.

Greyson was so troublesome and annoying. Couldn't he just stay out of the way?

Ashley tried persuasively asking, "Greyson, don't you have some friends here? Just stay here with them. It's not a big deal anyway. I will hang out with you next time. Does that sound good?"

Greyson looked at Duncan and said firmly, "Absolutely not. Before Andrew went on a business trip, he asked me to take good care of you. If you needed anything, you would let me know. If Andrew found out, Sister..."

Ashley was surprised. "Was this true?"

Indeed, when Andrew went on a business trip, he knew that the Lu family would give her a hard time. So he asked Greyson to take care of Ashley just in case something happened to her.

Andrew had also thought of Francis and Jeremy. But now that Jeremy just found his sister, he must be very busy. And since Francis was a well-known playboy, he was more worried about letting Francis take care of Ashley.

After much consideration, he thought Greyson would be the best choice because he was more reliable.

Noticing that Ashley was confused, Greyson hastily said, "If you don't believe me, I can call Andrew now and let him tell you personally."

When Greyson was about to call Andrew, Ashley stopped him immediately and said, "Greyson, I believe you. You don't have to."

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