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   Chapter 462 Meet An Acquaintance

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Peggy sneered while she looked at Spencer. "Do you really think Ashley would help our family if she didn't end the relationship with us?"

Spencer replied, "Why wouldn't she? Isn't Ashley still a member of our family? The Mu family raised her from childhood. I don't think this would be the end."

"What do you think? Is she going to hate us or be grateful to us for what we've done to her?"

Spencer replied as his eyes squinted at Peggy, "This was all your fault. You always try to find problems with Ashley. Who knew it would end up this way?"

"My fault?"

Peggy responded coldly as she heard what he said. "Didn't you agree with how I treated Ashley? Now that she's married to a rich man, I should take the blame? Spencer Mu, is this how you should treat me?"

Spencer rubbed his temples, clearly having a headache thinking of the situation, and he asked, "What else do you want?"

Peggy's eyes were cold as she replied, "Anyway, we can't help Ashley!"

Spencer retorted, "No, I still want to help her. But now... everything's messed up. How can I help her? Do you think I want to die?

Well... This is enough. Let's go home now."

Spencer stopped Peggy from speaking more with these words as he shook his hand with exhaustion. He started his car and left the Lu family villa.

At that same time, Duncan and Ashley went back after having dinner outside.

Ashley was playing with her cellphone when she noticed the date on it. She found that her period was right around the corner.

She told Duncan to park the car near a supermarket. After he did so, she got out of the car and walked inside.

At first, Duncan wanted to accompany her. But Ashley vehemently refused and told him to stay in the car.

She hurriedly grabbed two bags of daily 'necessities' that she needed, and paid them before finally putting them inside a black bag. She walked outside to go back to the car.

Duncan popped his head out of the vehicle when he saw Ashley walking towards him. He noticed her holding a black bag. "Ashley, what did you buy? Why did you put it in a black bag?"

She coughed as her face turned red. "It's nothing to worry about, just some daily necessitie

few minutes of driving, they finally arrived.

Duncan stopped the car and helped Ashley get out. "Well, we're here."

The parking valet came to park Duncan's car as soon as they left the car.

Ashley looked at the glorious characters on the signage before her, and she felt that it looked a little familiar.

Andrew's image came to Ashley's mind, and it made her remember what the familiar feeling was telling her. Was this the place that Andrew had taken her during Greyson's birthday?

It was called Harkim or something...

"What's wrong?" Duncan stopped walking and asked her as he saw her staring at the signage.

His words were like a snap that made her come back to her senses. She shook her head. "Oh, it's nothing. I just thought that everything in this place must be very expensive."

Duncan looked at Ashley in surprise.

As soon as she finished speaking, Ashley wished she could bite off her tongue. 'What did I just say?'

"Well, I..." Ashley stammered.

"Yes, everything's very expensive here, but you don't need to worry. Just eat as much as you can later. They'll pay the bill anyway."

Ashley couldn't speak as she thought, 'No... It isn't like that. I can explain...'

Ashley looked at him with a worrisome face and hesitated.

Duncan couldn't help but burst into laughter as he saw her expression. "It's all right. I was just kidding. Let's go inside."

The exchange just now made Ashley feel extremely dumb.

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