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   Chapter 461 Realizations

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6138

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Spencer took a deep breath and tried to explain the situation, "Ashley and my daughter didn't get along well since they were kids. My daughter even begged that we should take Ashley away several times because of this. But of course we didn't do anything about it. After all, we adopted Ashley and she was our child.

We just turned a blind eye to their childish fights. But to our surprise, Ashley hooked up with Andrew and even threatened to sever her relationship with our family. Mr. Lu, as you know, Ashley now has Andrew by her side, and we can't do anything to her because of this. For everyone's own good, we had to break up our relationship with her. She has nothing to do with the Mu family, anymore."

Peggy didn't say anything. When she heard Spencer's words, she couldn't help but remember the reason Ashley had said as to why she broke off her relationship with the Mu family when she left. And the reason had been recorded.

Peggy was afraid that Ashley had actually kept recording like she said.

But Peggy then thought it was impossible for Ashley to record it. Perhaps she just made it up to frighten her.

With this in mind, Peggy felt a bit relieved.

Arya looked at Spencer in surprise, "Is that true?"

Peggy decided to come forward, "Mrs. Lu, you know what? Ashley is an ungrateful girl. We raised her for such a long time, but we didn't expect her to cut off her relationship with us after she married a rich man."

Arya looked at Ethan and said, "Ethan, I think Andrew is being deceived by Ashley. After all, he doesn't know a lot of girls and has no experience on how to deal with them. It's understandable for him to be fooled in such a short time. I can't see anyone else to blame but Ashley. She is so young and sophisticated, but mischievous."

Ethan gave a snort and said, "He deserves to be c

ggy wanted to say something about Ashley but Spencer stopped her."

"Do they really think that they can join our family just because of Ashley?" Ethan sneered.


As soon as Peggy and Spencer got in the car, Peggy looked at Spencer with displeasure and complained, "Why did you stop me earlier? Why didn't you tell them everything about Ashley? Let them deal with Ashley and then we'll see if she even dares to be so rude ever again."

Spencer looked at Peggy and said, "Can't you look at the bigger picture, Peggy?"

"What do you mean?" asked Peggy.

Spencer said, "I mean literally!"

"Didn't you hear what Arya said earlier? She wanted Ashley to be with Andrew!"

Peggy replied indifferently, "So what?"

Spencer looked at Peggy regretfully and echoed, "So what? You have the nerve to tell me that. So what? If it weren't for you, Ashley wouldn't have severed the relationship with the Mu family. If Ashley didn't cut her ties with us, then we would have been relatives with the Lu family now. Did you realize that?

The Lu family had wanted Ashley to be with Andrew but Ashley had severed her relationship with the Mu family. After everything that happened, everything might be done for."

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