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   Chapter 460 Waiting

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The truth was, Duncan didn't just happen to find that spot by accident.

After he had a fight with his family the last time, he came to this exact place.

At that time, Duncan spent the entire afternoon sitting on the beach. He gradually felt better as he was listening to the sound of the sea breeze and seeing the beating of the waves. It made him calmer before he headed back to face his family.

No one in the Tang family would agree to let Duncan do anything that he wanted.

That was why they had a big fight. They often fought, and every single time they did, Duncan would come here.

It became his secret hideaway of sorts, he himself didn't know why he brought Ashley here.

Ashley looked at the clear blue sea. "Amazing," she sighed in awe.

"It really is," said Duncan.

Otherwise, he wouldn't come here every time he felt troubled.

Every time he saw the sea, he felt much better.

Looking at the vast sea, Ashley took off her shoes, and let her feet sink into the sand. She smiled, and held up her dress to keep it clean. Slowly, she went further into the beach.

Every now and then, she would bend down to pick up shells. From afar, she looked very childlike.

Duncan sat on the beach as he watched Ashley's childish behavior. He couldn't help but smile from ear to ear.

They stayed on the beach the whole afternoon. They got to know a lot of interesting stories about each other. Both of them talked, without a care in the world, the sound of the sea and their laughter filled the air.

They looked very happy and cozy.

At some point, Ashley forgot the troubles brought unto her by the Lu family.

Eventually, the sun had completely set, and Duncan suggested that they go back. But Ashley was still reluctant to leave.

Seeing that Ashley was unwilling to leave, Duncan smiled and said, "If you want, I will bring back you here soon."

Ashley came back to her senses and re

On the other hand, Arya was totally different.

She looked at them with a kind smile and said, "Hello, Mr. Mu and Mrs. Mu. Please have a seat. I'm so sorry to trouble you at this late hour."

"Please don't say that. It's our honor to meet you," Spencer chuckled.

"I heard that Ashley is a child adopted by the Mu family. Is this true?" Ethan said.

Ethan stared at Spencer. There was no emotion in his eyes, which made Spencer's heart jolt in fear.

Did he want to make trouble for the Mu family?

Under Ethan's strong gaze, Spencer stammered to give a proper answer. "Mr. Lu, we did adopt Ashley, but she has nothing to do with us anymore."

Spencer couldn't help but wonder, 'Didn't Mr. Li tell this to Mr. Lu?

Otherwise, why would Mr. Lu ask me about that?'

Spencer had mixed feelings, but he didn't show it on his face.

This matter had the entire Mu family's reputation at stake.

"Really? What's going on? How did it happen? Isn't Ashley adopted by the Mu family? How could she have nothing to do with your family?"

Arya was confused when she heard what Spencer has said.

Spencer now knew that Mr. Li did not tell this to Mr. Lu.

If he did, they wouldn't have asked him about it.

But since they asked, he would just tell them the truth.

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