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   Chapter 458 It Didn't Matter Anymore

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"Well, you can tell me whenever you need help. Don't hesitate to tell me if you don't have enough money. You must be tired raising Tom alone," Spencer said gently.

"I'm not tired. Tom is our child. It's my duty to take care of him. You don't have to worry," Vicky said.

Spencer put his arm around Vicky's shoulder. "I'm sorry to make you go through all this," he said to her apologetically.

Hearing this, Vicky leaned on Spencer's shoulder. "I don't have anything to suffer from. It's just that I worry for Tom. He's so young and yet his father is barely by his side. Tom gets very happy every time you come here. But whenever you are about to leave again, it really breaks his heart into a thousand pieces."

"Truth be told, I feel very sorry every time I see him behave like that. He really needs you," Vicky continued.

Spencer patted Vicky's shoulder and offered her comfort, "Don't worry. I will make you and Tom my legal family as soon as possible."

Turning to Spencer, Vicky cast a curious glance at him. "Legal status for me and Tom? How are you going to make it happen?" she asked.

"Tom is just in the first grade. Whenever the other parents at his school ask about his father, I would tell them that you went on a business trip. But this lie doesn't work all the time. Tom and his classmates will eventually grow up, and will say things about his absent father. You need to understand that he's a vulnerable child,"

Vicky said with a heavy heart as she furrowed her brows.

Spencer's eyebrows also knitted into a frown. Looking at Vicky with a solemn look, he sighed. "Don't worry, my wife. I will solve all the problems in my family as soon as possible, and then you can marry me and become part of the Mu family," Spencer promised.


Spencer quickly replied, "Of course. Peggy doesn't know anything but ask for money and hang out all day. She would bicker at me whenever I blame her for squandering money and tim

orry about it. I didn't expect that Ashley would be a person who would ignore the Mu family that has brought her up, after claiming ties of kinship with the Lu family."

Spencer agreed, "I didn't expect that kid would be so ungrateful."

"I came here today for one thing. President Ethan is looking for you. If you have time, go to this address."

Mr. Li stood up, gave Spencer a piece of paper, and left with a smile on his face.

Spencer kept frowning as he watched Mr. Li walk away.

'What did Mr. Li mean?

President Ethan is looking for me?'

Immediately, Spencer opened the piece of paper. There was nothing else on it but an address.

While staring at the piece of paper, Spencer was lost in thought. 'Does this mean I have to go to see President Ethan?

Have I offended the Lu family?'

After taking the note, Spencer tightened his lips. Since President Ethan wanted to see him, he would have to go and meet him.

In the villa...

Ashley slowly opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. It was different from the usual, something she had never seen before. She suddenly got up.

When she woke up, she had not come to herself yet. A whirl of pain spread through her head when she sat up.

She had to rub her head before looking around, and finally realizing where she was.

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