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   Chapter 455 Satisfaction

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Perhaps it was true then. Perhaps Duncan did value a romantic relationship over his friends. He definitely seemed to be behaving that way.

Haley left them both to themselves. Duncan could see that Ashley was still hesitant to accept his offer. "Don't worry Ashley. I'm not going to harm you or anything. I just want to help you." Duncan sounded very serious and sincere.

Ashley still had her reservations about accepting Duncan's offer, but what else could she do?

In the end, she accepted his offer. She really didn't have much of a choice.

It was either accept Duncan's offer or stay out on the street indefinitely.

It seemed that Duncan's house was the only place that Ashley could stay in now.

Ashley just hoped that Duncan wouldn't get into any trouble by taking her in like this.

In the end, the rest of the people watched Duncan drive away with Ashley, leaving only one car there for them.

Although they were displeased about Duncan's actions, they had no choice but to accept it. After all, it was his car.

Ashley sat beside Duncan in his car. The two of them chatted as he drove. There was an air of comfort and familiarity between them. They were like two old friends that had met again after some time.

Before long, the car slowly drove into a path, with two nice trees and orange lights on both sides, so Ashley could clearly see the view from outside.

The car stopped in front of a villa situated in a sprawling piece of land. Duncan stopped the car and opened the door on Ashley's side. "Well, here we are. Home sweet home. You can get down now, Ashley."

Ashley nodded her head, and stepped out of the car.

They walked into the house together. A middle-aged woman, about 40 to 50 years old, came up to them, with a wide grin on her face. "Mr. Tang. You're back! And I see you brought company."

"Yes, Nancy. This is my good friend Ashley. She'll be staying with us for a while. Her family is trying to fix things out with their business," Duncan explained.

Nancy looked at Ashley and nodded. "Sure, no problem."

Ashley smiled back at her.

Ashley was now, after all, in Duncan's house. She believed that it was necessary to be polite.

Looking at Ashley, Duncan suggested, "Ashley, let me show you the room we have prepared for you."

"Okay," said Ashley.

Nancy stood between the two of them. She looked at

notice how tense Ashley seemed to be, as she explained her situation.

She found Ashley's behavior to be rather funny and appealing.

Ashley seemed noticeably nervous as she spoke to Nancy.

'I didn't say anything wrong, did I? Why is she so nervous to explain to me?'

Ashley's tension only served to promote more misunderstanding between them.

If Ashley had known what Nancy was thinking right now, she would have regretted what she had done.

Finally, they arrived at the room that had been prepared for Ashley.

"Miss Mu, here we are."

They both stopped in front of a wooden door.

Nancy opened the door and walked in. "This is the room which Duncan asked me to prepare. Miss Mu, are you satisfied with it?"

Ashley looked around the room. The room was decorated with flowers and plants on the windowsill. There were shades of pink and white on the walls. The pink and flowery bed sheet also caught Ashley's eye. The whole room was simply amazing. "This is wonderful!" Ashley said.

"I'm glad you like it.

Alright then, Miss. Mu, you'd better go to bed. I'm sure you're tired. The room has been customized just for you."

Ashley thanked her again.

Once Nancy was gone, Ashley dived into the bed. Everything that had happened today made her mind exhausted. Ashley lay on the bed and started to relax. She needed to get a good night's sleep.

After a few minutes, Ashley fell asleep. Right after she forced herself to finish washing up, she couldn't control it anymore and fell asleep. The large bed, and the entire room was just so comfortable.

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