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   Chapter 453 Meeting Once Again

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7235

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For now, her most pressing concern was a place for the night.

She had nothing on herself, not even a roof over her head.

In the throes of her desperation, Amaia's face came to her mind, but Ashley quickly dispelled the idea as soon as it had sprung. She couldn't involve them in her troubles.

The city was starting to sleep as doors were shut and grills were pulled down. One by one, the lights went off as people dragged their feet home.

Only the peddlers stayed, doing their business under the cover of darkness. The silence seemed to magnify Ashley's solitary state as the once bustling and noisy streets grew colder and offered her no comfort.

She sat on the side of the road and absentmindedly watched the passing cars. Looking around her, she found nothing but the gloom of the night. 'Will I really be sleeping on the street tonight?' she thought to herself, worriedly wrapping her arms around herself.

In the car.

Duncan sat on the passenger seat with his head propped on his hand. He had a somber air about him, but no one knew why.

Beside him was Haley, driving. A frown crossed his face as he watched his friend forlornly mulling over.

His mood had been like this since he came from the Feng family's banquet last time, and it had not changed one little bit.

From what Haley had heard, Duncan was looking for a woman, beautiful as a flower, with an ethereal air about her, as if she was a fairy.

Duncan had sounded like a lovestruck poet. Even he felt embarrassed when he heard the words from the man himself.

A fairy.

Had he gone mad?

"Hey, Earth to Duncan," he said, trying to pull him out of contemplation. "We'll be arriving at our destination soon. Get a hold of yourself. I never could have imagined you being like this for some woman, and one you have only known for a short time." He shook his head, not understanding why Duncan was behaving the way he was for someone who was almost as good as a stranger. It made no sense.

Two limited edition Ferrari roadsters were parked on the street. Duncan and Haley were on one of them, with several close friends and one girl in the back seat.

The second one c

got out and came to Haley's side of the car. "Haley, what's going on? Why did you stop the car all of a sudden? Aren't we going to race? We're gonna be late."

Haley glanced at them and said, "Well, we can't really race without Duncan, can we? He isn't here, so we're waiting."

Hearing this, the others were even more bewildered. "What? What do you mean he's not here? Where is he? Wasn't he in the car with you? Why did he get out?"

they asked, not understanding the situation.

"I don't even know. He just suddenly asked me to back up the car, and got out without any explanation. I have no idea what he's doing right now."

The group stood in a confused circle, wondering what Duncan was up to.

At this very moment.

On the side of the street.

Duncan went to the figure he had seen. "Miss Beauty!" he called out.


A man's voice interrupted Ashley's thoughts.

Surprised, she almost dropped the things in her hand.

It was Duncan, his handsome face smiling at her.

His features were so different from Andrew's cold visage. His eyes were much gentler, just like a rebellious teenager's.

What's more, his face was not as cute as Francis's or a baby face like Greyson's.

Duncan was among the most popular bachelors in J city.

Ashley felt herself relax at his presence. As she looked at him, she conceded to the treachery of her eyes and had to admit her womanly vanity. He was a pleasant vision.

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