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   Chapter 452 They Were So Cruel

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 8963

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Right at that moment, a small drama was unfolding at the Feng residence.

Lesley stood by the French window and looked outside. There were leaves rustling outside as a cool breeze blew by. No one knew what she was staring at.

It seemed as if Lesley's mind was somewhere else. Her phone was put aside and it looked like she was waiting for someone.

Lesley had been keeping an eye on Ashley since she came back from the party.

Hadn't Andrew's parents made a promise to her? They had promised her that they would solve this problem for her. They had said that she had nothing to worry about.

But she couldn't wait any longer. Ashley was still with Andrew and this was not what Lesley wanted. She wanted the two of them separated in the soonest time possible.

Andrew belonged to her!

Who the hell did Ashley think she was? Did she deserve Andrew's love? Of course not!

It was because of Lesley's continuous machinations that the Lu family had treated Ashley so badly.

Lesley was jarred out of her musing when she heard her mobile phone ring. She glanced at the caller ID and answered it, "How is it going?"

"Ashley has left Ellie's house. She had gone to a hotel just now. But she left after a few minutes. I found that the Lu family had pulled strings to not allow her to stay in any hotel."

Lesley sneered, "Really?"

Lesley couldn't believe what she was hearing. But she was also very pleased with the news.

"Of course. This is reliable and accurate information. You know you can count on me."

"That's good. Keep an eye on her and inform me immediately if anything else happens. Don't worry. I won't forget to recompense you for your efforts."

"Yes, Miss Feng, you can rest assured that I will keep an eye on her."

After hanging up the phone, Lesley looked out of the window into the darkness. Coldness filled her eyes.

'So Andrew likes you, Ashley? Well, so what? It doesn't matter. I will make sure that nothing will come out of it. I'll be the one who will end up with Andrew. I'll make sure of it.

Who the hell are you? You're nothing. You're less than nothing.

If I hadn't gone abroad, you would never have had the chance to get close to Andrew.

Now, your life will be ruined, and you'll never have him. I'll make sure of it.' Lesley was alone with her thoughts, and she couldn't help but smile. Things were all falling into place for her, and Ashley would soon be done.

The receptionist heaved a sigh of relief when Ashley left.

Luckily, the receptionist had· remembered to check the name on the ID card carefully.

The manager had given her strict orders earlier in the day.

The orders were very clear and specific

ou eventually break up with the Young Master."

"You're the one who should be worried! When Andrew finds out how you've all been treating me, he'll be very mad!" Ashley snapped back.

"Miss Mu, are you threatening me?"

"I think you know the answer to that question. Or maybe you're that dense." Ashley said.

"You don't need to complicate things. With that stubborn attitude of yours, you are bringing all this upon yourself." For once in your miserable life, think this through, Ashley! Really think about it! If you leave him now, we will even give you money. A lot of money! That's all you need anyway, right? Besides, you and Andrew don't look good together. You must be stupid and naive to think that you could both make it work. So why bother? Just give it up already. That would be the practical decision, and it would be best for all of us. What do you think?" the voice came from the other line of the phone.

Ashley replied coldly, "There's nothing to think about."

Ashley hung up.

When Ashley first discovered who Andrew really was, She and Lena had a long conversation about the gap between Andrew and her.

A part of her had actually considered that issue before. Maybe there was a big gap between Andrew and her. And maybe they weren't really a match for each other.

However, she had never thought that this concern would bother her again that soon.

So soon that she found herself unprepared to deal with it.

For the longest time, Ashley had Andrew to protect her. She always knew that Andrew had her back, and she was confident that she could handle any situation with his help. All that was different now. She had to handle all this on her own. Ashley couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. However, she had no choice but to insist on her decision.

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