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   Chapter 451 Duplicity

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6811

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But she couldn't go on like this. What if the Lu family treated her like this every time he went on a business trip? What could she do?

But she wasn't able to think about it much because Andrew's call interrupted her thoughts.

It was the first time that Andrew called her since he had gone on a business trip, which felt like forever.

Ashley was really looking forward to his phone call.

With a sweet smile on her face, Ashley picked up the phone.


The moment Andrew heard Ashley's voice, he felt that the tiredness for the day had vanished in a flash.

Even a soft smile crept onto his cold face.


What are you doing?" asked Andrew.

Ashley sat down on a chair on the side of the street.

At that moment, she badly wanted to tell Andrew her grievances and the horrible things she had suffered from the Lu family in the past few days.

But, after giving it a second thought, she thought it was better to keep those matters to herself because she didn't want to distract him.

"I've just washed up. Now I'm lying on the bed and playing on my cell phone. What about you? What are you doing? Are things going rough over there?"

"Yeah, a little. I'll fix it as soon as possible and come back to be with you."

"Okay," said Ashley

Thinking of the Lu family when he left, Andrew was afraid that Ashley would suffer in J city. "So... How are you doing there?" he asked casually. "Did the Lu family members do anything bad to you?"

In fact, Andrew had intended to bring Ashley with him on his business trip. However, the environment in Y country was not good. On top of that, the matter on hand was rather tricky. Given all this, Andrew determined that there was no way he would bring Ashley with him.

Ashley knew that the matter with Andrew must be a hard one. Otherwise, he wouldn't have called her so late today.

It was fine for Ashley as she didn't want him to be distracted.

She didn't want Andrew to know what had been happening to her in the past few days.

However, Ashley h

ed the price for the standard room.

She wouldn't live here for a long time, just until Andrew got home.

"Yeah, I'll take the standard room," Ashley said.

"Okay. I'll need some identification, please."

Ashley passed her ID card to the woman at the reception desk.

The woman took Ashley's ID card and started to punch her name in the system.

But when she saw Ashley's name, she was startled.

She blinked, and raised her head to stare at Ashley, "You're Ashley?"

the woman asked in surprise.

"Why? Is there something wrong?" Ashley looked at the girl, puzzled.

Embarrassed, the woman shook her head, "Nothing. It's fine."

She was about to go back to register Ashley's name on the computer, when something seemed to change her mind. She gave back Ashley's ID card and looked at her apologetically, "I'm sorry. Our hotel is fully booked apparently."

"I believe you said just now that you had several rooms available," Ashley said.

The woman's face became more apologetic. "This is my fault. When I was about to arrange the rooms for you, I checked again and found that all the rooms had been occupied. I am really so sorry."

At this point, Ashley felt that it was hopeless. She figured that it was fine since that woman was really nice to her. With a smile, she took back her ID card. "It's okay. Don't worry about it."

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