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   Chapter 450 Waiting For Him

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 5647

Updated: 2020-01-11 20:55

Being the powerful family that they were, it hadn't taken a long time for the Lu family to find the address of the Memory Bakery and where Ashley and Ellie were staying.

Ashley's phone blared to life. The call was from the Lu family.

Ashley picked up the phone but remained silent.

Ashley heard a wicked chuckle.

Then the man finally spoke. "What do you think? Are you happy? I remembered that you have promised to live there forever. Let's see how long you can stay there."

"So, It was you. You did all these?" Ashley asked coldly.

"Yes, you're right. I am the man behind the plot. I'm sorry I don't have a gift for you, for being smart enough to find out who has done all these to you."

"Being a noble family in J city, is this what you are capable of doing? Shame on you," Ashley spat. "Are you proud of dumping rubbish in front of my bakery and doing such nasty things?"

The man was amused. "You deserved it for being the kind of person you are. I think you know yourself better than I do."

Ashley lost her temper.

"What do you want?"

"You know exactly what we want," the man growled.

"Well, I see," said Ashley

and hung up the call before the man could say another word.

She clenched her phone and promised herself that one day, she would make them pay for what they'd done to her.

Cheryl came over to Ashley and touched her shoulder. "What's up?"

Ashley was about to say that everything was okay, but she got reminded of something more important.

She had to leave Cheryl immediately. Otherwise, the Lu family would do anything to destroy her.

Ashley smiled. "I got a call asking me to come back to work tomorrow."

"What?" Cheryl

She had asked him not to call and bother her while she was with her friends.

Josef could be easily deceived and believed Ashley.

She was glad that Johnny wasn't here. Unlike Josef, he would have found out that she was lying.

Walking alone on the street, Ashley tugged on to her clothes and hugged herself as it was still cold in the evening, even in July.

She looked at the strangers on the street and let out a huge sigh. She was feeling lonely, although the street was brimming with people.

Ashley's life was a mess. She couldn't go back home or stay at Ellie's house, nor did she have a job.

'Good for you, Lu family. Blood for blood!' she thought.

Her face had gone pale and cold. She couldn't roam around in the open on an icy night like this.

She had no choice but to stay in a hotel.

Ashley checked the digital map with her cell phone and found a hotel nearby, and then walked inside with her little luggage.

The only thing that made her feel better was the thought that Andrew would be back soon.

She would wait for him to come back. Everything would get better once Andrew was back.

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