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   Chapter 449 It Was Not Them

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Ashley had a great time staying over at Ellie's for the past two days.

In fact, she enjoyed her stay so much that she had completely forgotten about the Lu family.

That changed when she finally received a call from them one day.

To be honest, Ashley really didn't want to answer any phone calls from the Lu Family.

Of course, she wanted to hear from Andrew.

But, as she looked at her phone, she hung up without a moment's hesitation.

As she was just about to set her phone aside, it rang again. Ashley let it rang, but the caller seemed to be very persistent.

With a sigh, she finally picked it up, wondering what on earth the Lu family could possibly want from her.

"Look, if you have nothing new to tell me, please don't call me again. I've told you my decision, and made it clear that I will not leave Andrew!"

Ashley explained through her teeth.


A man's voice came from the other end of the line.

"You have a lot of guts, don't you? But I'm not so sure if that would last."

"What are you talking about?" Ashley asked calmly.

"I heard that you're living in one of your friend's house? Her name is Ellie, right?"

The person asked slowly.

"What do you want?" she asked warily.

She knew that the Lu Family wanted to deal with her and what their motives were.

What threw her off was the fact that they knew her whereabouts.

There was coldness in Ashley's eyes.

"What do I want? It depends on whether Miss Mu is willing to cooperate or not."

When the phone call ended, Ashley was left in a daze.

It was clear what he wanted.

He wanted Ashley to leave Ellie's house.

His tone and words definitely weren't taking no for an answer.

But how could she? She lost her job and couldn't go back home as well.

Where would she go if she left?

Ashley didn't care what the man said; she wasn't leaving.

Still, she remained alert, being afraid that those people

t time that the Mu family would not trouble her with Lena ever again.

"What about Peggy? Don't forget that Peggy has always disliked you."

Although Peggy was older than the two, she didn't look like it at all.

So Ellie always casually called her Peggy.

Ashley wondered, "Peggy...

Peggy won't do that. Besides, I don't think someone from the Su family could do something like this."

With that, they've run out of possible suspects, and decided to just let it go.

At first, Ashley didn't take it seriously. Maybe it was just a one-time prank.

But things didn't go as she expected. The person behind it got more and more aggressive.

For the next two days, Ashley and Ellie kept coming home to the same thing.

What's worse, the same situation also happened in the cake shop where Ashley and Ellie worked.

As a result, all of their coworkers felt a little uncomfortable.

They had to work half an hour more than usual because of the cleaning of the shop outside.

Just as they were fussing over the mess at the bakery, Ashley's phone suddenly rang.

Ashley apologized and went outside to take the call.

As Ashley went out, she had a guess who it was and what it was about.

When she answered the call, she confirmed that her suspicions were correct.

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