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   Chapter 448 Drive Ashley To The Wall

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He remembered how close Ashley was with Amaia. Amaia was a friend of Ashley. There was nothing he could do to her, considering that she was Amaia's friend.

It was the peak of rush hour. If Ashley and Ellie had boarded the bus and they could have been anywhere by now. They were impossible to spot among all the crowded commuters.

They arrived at their destination, the Memory Bakery. Ashley and Ellie got off the car. Ashley politely thanked Francis, then she entered the bakery with Ellie.

Francis couldn't find the words to express his dismay.

He had not even gotten a good look at Ellie. All he could do was to stand silently, as Ashley and Ellie entered the bakery. He was heartbroken.

'What's wrong with Ellie?' Francis could do nothing but wonder about her.

Ellie had turned her back from Francis and was walking away. She could not see him, but if she could, she should have seen a changed man. Francis was determined to marry Ellie and settle down with her. For Francis, Ellie was different from the other women he had met in his life. She was the only woman that he truly loved.

Francis could finally understand how Andrew had felt towards Ashley. He finally realized what it was like to fall in love with a woman.

Francis still remembered poking fun at Andrew and his serious feelings for Ashley. He could still remember how Andrew confessed to him how much he cared for Ashley. He did not take his friend seriously, and could not even empathize with him.

Francis could not even imagine caring for a woman so deeply like that.

That was before he met Ellie.

Before Ellie came into his life, it was all different for Francis. He had played fast and loose with women's hearts, and had never cared whom he hurt. Now, he genuinely understood what it was like to love someone.

It hurt Francis that a misunderstanding had developed between him and Ellie.

'No. I can't just let my relationship with Ellie go sour. I have to do something.

I have to set things right with her. I have to explain everything, even if she may not understand. No, I have to try. I can't just let Ellie slip away from me, ' Francis mused. This was all new territory for Francis. For him, Ellie was the one, and he would not let her slip away.

Ashley looked at the shop she and Ellie had rented before.

The fond memories came back to Ashley, and she couldn't help but smile, as she reme

e on her! By the way, how is the thing going? "

Andrew's father was standing in front of Mr. Li. Mr. Li had just said that he would fire Ashley.

"President Ethan, I did what you asked me to do. Ashley has left the company. And there's no way she can return to Andrew's villa now."

Ethan heard Mr. Li's words and he was very pleased.

"Wonderful! I'd like to see how she'll manage now. No job, no villa, nothing! She'll really have to go through the wringer now!"

Mr. Li nodded dutifully at Ethan. He did not want to dampen Ethan's wonderful mood. "You are a very brilliant man, Sir.


Mr. Li hesitated.

"What do you mean, "however"? Go ahead."

Andrew's father had been observing Ashley since he left. He was behind the plot to have Ashley resign, and he did not want her anywhere near the villa.

Nothing would have made him feel better than Ashley breaking up with Andrew.

He was sure that all the recent difficulties that he had orchestrated would break Ashley.

"But Ashley now lives with one of her best friends. Her name is Ellie, and they do get along very well."

"Ellie, eh? Look into her. Do a background check and make an investigation. Get as much as you can about her. And if you can get Ashley to leave Ellie's place, do it as well."

Mr. Li was surprised by what he had heard. Ethan was really pushing her to the wall and his interest with Ashley had seemingly grown into an obsession.

Mr. Li thought it was going too far, but he did not dare speak back at Ethan. He was after all, just an employee, and he could only do what he was told.

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