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   Chapter 447 A Company Gifted Vacation

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After Ashley finished speaking, Ellie turned to her and asked, "Well, what about you? What's going on today? Don't you have work today? Why did you come by so unexpectedly?"

A barrage of questions rendered Ashley speechless. She was in such a hurry to ask Ellie about her business that she forgot to make an excuse about why she came.

'What should I do?

Anyway, I can't tell Ellie that I was fired, nor can I let her know that I can't go to Andrew's villa now.

I can't get her involved in this turmoil with the Lu Family.' Ashley thought quickly.

Ashley suddenly hugged Ellie. "Of course I miss you."

"Don't be so shallow with me! I'm serious Why are you here all of a sudden?" "Did you bicker with Andrew?" Ellie questioned closely.

"No, that's not it at all. How could I bicker with Andrew? We are fine.

Our company held a design competition last time. I was in the top three, so the company gave us a few days off. Because I missed you so much and was lonely, I decided to come and see you. So now I am here to keep you company.

How about me? Am I good enough for you?"

Ellie looked at Ashley with a faint smile, "What? It's only a few days' holiday. Aren't you going to spend it with Andrew though? "

Ashley pretended to be annoyed, telling Ellie "Ellie I like Andrew, but he is not that important. My friend Ellie is much more important than him."

Ellie rejoiced upon hearing this and felt very warm.

"He is on a business trip now and may return in a few days. I have nothing to do at home, so I came here to keep you company," answered Ashley

"Oh, I see now. You are just bored at home, and that's why you came to see me," said Ellie

Ashley looked at her earnestly and retorted, "No, Ellie, that's not it at all!"

"Hey, I'm just kidding, Ashley," joked Ellie

The next morning, Ashley and Ellie were ready to go to the bakery.

Ellie had been doing great for the past two months. The business of Memory Bakery was getting better and better.

They were thinking about opening up another branch.

After discussing it over with Ellie for a

nd and soul.

If he was in it only for the fun of it, she would never forgive Francis. But if he was wholeheartedly in love with her, than that would be a different story.

Ashley shook her head. It was quite difficult for her to guess Francis's sincerity.

In J City, any random woman would probably know Francis, and she might have even been Francis' girlfriend. If Ellie and Francis really got together, she would be extremely upset if something bad happened.

She couldn't let that happen. 'Short-term pain is better than long-term pain. It is better to suffer now than later.'

Francis looked at Ellie through the rear-view mirror the entire time while Ellie was looking at the scenery outside. Once she got in the car, she never took a single glance at Francis.

Francis didn't know what Ellie was thinking, and why she was acting this way towards him.

'If Ashley told Ellie about me, then Ashley shouldn't be treating me this way.

Was it because of what Amaia said yesterday?' Francis thought to himself.

As he was driving, he clenched his teeth and cursed Amaia for speaking-ill of him, or that was what he presumed she did. He couldn't help but think of her as a venomous woman.

He and Ellie were going to be together soon, he was going to make sure of it, but Amaia was trying to step in and destroy their relationship.

This was a really conundrum for Francis.

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