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   Chapter 442 The Player

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Amaia who was standing next to Ashley shouted, the moment she saw Francis. Ashley didn't have a chance to say a word.

Ashley looked at Amaia. "Do you know him?"

That was when Ellie had walked out with the last bowl of soup. She had heard Amaia call Francis and deliberately began to walk slowly.

Amia turned towards Francis. "Of course, I know him. Mr. Francis is a famous player in J City. He has dated countless women, yet he has never been in a proper relationship before. How can I not know him?"

Ashley walked up to Francis. "What are you doing here? Why did you come out of Ellie's room?"

Francis bit his lip and looked at Ellie for help, but she looked away to avoid his gaze.

"Say something!" Ashley demanded.

Francis had been following Ellie and he also heard Ashley's voice. He was also surprised to see Ashley. "Ashley?"

She never thought that he would still bother Ellie.

"Come on in, and have something to eat first. I asked him to come, I wanted him to bring something for me." Ellie shrugged.

Francis chimed in. "Yes, that's right, Ashley. It was Ellie who had wanted me to come."

Ashley wouldn't let go of Francis that easily. "Where's it then? Whatever Ellie asked you to bring?"

"Err. . . I couldn't find it," said Francis.

"Amaia, what did you say just now? About Mr. Francis? A famous player in J City who has dated countless women, yet he has never been in a proper relationship before. Isn't it?"

"Yep, that's him," said Amaia. "He's the famous Mr. Francis, who is known for changing his partners as frequent as changing his clothes." Amaia flashed a wicked grin. "I think there's not a woman in J City who doesn't know him. After all, he has been generous to every woman he has been with."

'Damn it! Ellie's listening to every bloody thing this woman is saying, ' Francis thought.

He cast a nasty look at Amaia. "Who are you? You have no right to judge me. Mind your business!"

Francis had tried hard to win Ellie over. He was worried that Ellie would misunderstand him again

like the other women, who had never failed to fall for his charms.

Instead of falling for him, she had insulted him. Amaia had slapped Francis in front of everyone.

"What do you mean?" Amaia frowned.

Amaia didn't hold a grudge against Francis. She just loathed people like him who toyed with women's feelings.

Francis hadn't cared about her harsh words before.

"Do you like Ellie?" Amaia's eyes grew bigger in shock.

Francis nodded.

"Yes, I like her. I've been trying too hard to win her over. So Miss. Ye, please don't tell Ellie about my past."

"Well, If that's the case, then I should definitely tell Ellie about who you truly are," Amaia looked as if she was about to swallow him alive. "Don't you dare lie to Ellie. Francis, you can play your game with any other woman, but not with Ellie. She's out of your league. Do you get it?"

Amaia wouldn't allow anyone to hurt Ellie.

Ashley was her true friend, and Ellie was one of Ashley's best friends.

Moreover, Amaia had liked Ellie from the moment Ashley introduced them to each other.

She wouldn't let Ellie's heart break because of a player like Francis.

"I don't care about what you think. She's my girl," Francis spat.

"Francis, Ellie is a great girl. She's not like you or like the women who throw themselves at you. She's different. Don't bother her," Amaia said firmly.

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