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   Chapter 440 Sheepishly

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After much difficulty and a lot of effort, Amaia was finally done making the soup.

It was clear from the way she looked that she was very pleased with herself.

She took out her phone and wanted to talk to Johnny, but Ashley stopped her.

"Do you want him to know that you don't know how to cook?" Ashley asked.

After thinking for a while, Amaia shook her head and put her phone down.

Things seemed to go faster than usual. Ashley had dinner and was just about to go home, when Amaia stopped her.

"It's pretty late, Ashley. It would probably be better if you stayed here for the night. We can go to work together tomorrow," Amaia said.

Ashley didn't want to stay at Amaia's house, though. This wasn't because she didn't like Amaia's company. but because she could easily ask Josef to pick her up.

Amaia insisted on Ashley staying with her for the night.

Ashley was just as adamant. "I can't stay here Amaia. All my stuff is at home, and I don't have any sleeping clothes to change to." Ashley had planned on just eating and staying awhile with Amaia. She did not expect to spend the entire night with her.

"Don't worry about a thing! I've got a lot of comfortable sleeping clothes you can change to if you need to slip into something a little more comfortable. We can pick up any stuff you might need in the morning before we go to work," Amaia suggested.

Eventually, Ashley relented. Amaia was insistent, and she decided to just give in.

Amaia was very pleased that Ashley finally agreed to stay for the night. She led her to her bedroom and opened her closet.

Ashley opened the spacious closet revealing a lot of clothes inside.

"Ashley, you can pick whichever you like," Amaia suggested.

"Okay," said Ashley.

Amaia was naturally chatty and energetic. She found it a little difficult to fall asleep because Ashley was around.

Ashley was the opposite. She never had any difficulty falling asleep, just about anywhere.

Unfortunately, tonight would be a different story. Ashley would have fallen asleep if A

o hear that. "At the same time? They're coming back at the same time?"

"Yes," Ashley replied. "Johnny went with Andrew. I can't see why they wouldn't return at the same time, as well."

"So you don't need to rush back home today, right?" asked Amaia.

Ashley nodded her head. Ashley couldn't understand why Amaia seemed so pleased that she wouldn't be going home at her usual time.

"Well, then let's go shopping together since you don't have to leave so soon," said Amaia.

"Okay," Ashley agreed.

Ashley decided to go shopping with Amaia. What else could she do? It was a lot better than just staying home alone, all bored.

No one noticed Tristan hanging around, close by.

He overheard Amaia and Ashley speaking about Andrew. Tristan was shocked. He never knew that Ashley had a boyfriend.

When they were about to leave, Tristan stood up from his seat and said, "Ashley, Amaia, how about we go out for dinner together?"

"Hi, Tristan, you are still here?" Amaia asked.

Tristan nodded and his eyes met Ashley's gaze. He quickly looked away from her.

"Why did you suddenly want to invite us to dinner?" asked Amaia.

Tristan smiled sheepishly and continued, "Oh nothing! I just wanted to celebrate our breaking into the Top Three of the Design Department. I mean, it's such a big achievement, and we ought to celebrate a little, right?"

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