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   Chapter 439 I Envy You

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Ashley couldn't figure out why, but she could always sense it when something bad was bound to happen.

Was it because everything felt wrong whenever Andrew was away from her?

Or was it because she had just learned to depend on him more than she would have liked?

Amaia tapped her chin and looked at Ashley. "I don't think it's so bad. Now, I'm closer to Johnny. Who knows? Maybe I won't have to wait long until I can be your sister-in-law!" Amaia joked, laughing merrily.

"Well, it's good that you think that," Ashley added as she smiled at her friend.

"Ashley! You really must teach me how to cook today. I want Johnny to have a scrumptious meal by the time he gets back! Isn't it true that the key to a man's heart is through his stomach? I think that makes perfect sense! That's exactly what happened between my parents."

Ashley hummed in agreement.

But Amaia seemed to forget that there was one, more important thing.

An absolute rule: if a man didn't like a woman, he would never learn to love her, no matter what she would do. It will never change.

After being asked to set the table, Amaia quickly obliged.

From what Ashley saw earlier, the dishes that George prepared looked very delicious. The food he prepared was colorful and vibrant. Even more, the smell it emitted throughout the kitchen was absolutely divine. Ashley herself felt her mouth water earlier.

Amaia's parents, Kelly and George, had been very kind towards her. Comparing how Ashley knew her at work and at home, Kelly looked like she was living two distinct lives.

Amaia pulled a plate in front of her and picked a rib cut. She then handed the plate over to Ashley and said, "Try this. This is father's best dish. I can guarantee you, it's the best meal you'll ever eat!"

Ashley gratuitously accepted it with a smile. "Thank you."

Just as Amaia was about to pick another cut, George held a hand over the plate and stopped her. "Nope. Try something else! Your mother loves this dish."

"What? No! I'm your daughter! I don't care. I want to eat it!"

George, with his other hand, served a spoonful of vegetables on his daughter's plate. "Nope. Have this instead."

"Dad. I want this rib. Eat the vegetables by yourself," Amaia complained, setting her plate down to her father's placemat. She moved to grab another empty plate on the table.

Ashley, on the other hand, had already begun eating.

Watching how Amaia and her father interacted, Ashley couldn't help but feel a little jealous.

When she was a child, she never experienced any of this. She didn't receive family affection like this. Growing up as an orphan, it was one of t

"Maybe you could try learning how to make soup today? It's easy to make, and it's very nutritious. I think Johnny would appreciate it if you make him one."

"I'm up for anything. Let's do it!" Amaia said gleefully.

"Alright! Let's get started."

Ashley set the ribs out by the sink as she taught Amaia about defrosting. "You can't cook right away if your food is frozen," Ashley said. Afterwards, she asked Amaia to fetch the tomatoes and corn out of the fridge.

Amaia followed diligently, and laid them out on the counter in front of Ashley.

Ashley had told her that they were making rib soup today with tomato and corn. It was not only a hearty dish from the flavor of the bones, but also very healthy and light because of the summer vegetables.

Ashley continued, "Every time you make soup, you have to boil the spareribs in water first. Once you've taken the fatty toxins out, you'll have to drain the spareribs and wash them again. Then, in a new pot, add the spareribs back with water, ginger, and garlic. Wait for it to simmer. When it's in a nice boil, you need to peel off the skin of your tomato. You can do this by scalding its skin. Just let the tomato touch the hot water for maybe thirty seconds before sinking it back in an ice bath. That way, the skin will break and it'll be easier to peel. You can cut it into halves afterwards."

Ashley wanted to show her friend how it should be done at first, but the further she went to discuss, she slowly let Amaia work on the soup by herself. She stayed by Amaia's side as she guided her.

Amaia was focused. Even if she burned herself a few times, Ashley was able to guide her in the right direction. Pretty soon, her soup was done, and it smelled delicious! Amaia was itching to try it.

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