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   Chapter 438 Wonderful Love

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Amaia hurriedly led Ashley to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, a tall, well-built man was facing the counters, busying himself with the ingredients laid in front of him. An apron hung loose over his neck and narrow waist as he worked systematically. A strong, fragrant aroma emitted in the kitchen as he worked.

No one would have been able to stop from drooling if they had experienced the captivating scent.

Amaia, who was feeling every bit as mischievous, crept over to cover the man's eyes. She spoke lowly, hoping to dissuade him, "Guess who I am."

"Who else could it be but Amaia?"

The man replied softly. His voice rang in Amaia's ears like a heavenly chord was struck. It was so loving, deep, and comfortable that it made Amaia's knees weak.

Amaia blushed heavily as she pulled away. She tucked her hair behind her ears and whined, "Dad! Please stop talking to me like that. Your voice is making my heart melt!"

George turned his head to the side and peered at Amaia with an eyebrow raised. "Huh? Then why did you cover my eyes?"

"The food you're making is just so good! So irresistible! As soon as I came in I started drooling! You had to pay for it."

George scoffed and turned his head back to what he was working on. "Naughty little girl," he muttered.

"You're right about that," Amaia retorted.

Both of them laughed in amusement.

When George looked back at Amaia, he noticed another woman right behind her. "Oh! Did you bring a guest?" he asked.

"Ah! Dad, I almost forgot to introduce her to you! This is my good friend, Ashley," Amaia exclaimed. She pulled Ashley closer to formally introduce the two of them. "She's also very talented in the kitchen! She's actually here to teach me how to cook."

Amaia grinned from ear to ear. She was very proud of her friend's talent as if she was also a talented chef.

Ashley smiled and nodded towards Amaia's father, greeting her kindly.

However, she kept silent. She wasn't sure if there was something she should say in this situation.

Ashley came to hang out with Amaia. Although she told Amaia that she was going to teach her cooking techniques, in fact her original intention was to hang out with her to have fun.

Ashley felt incredibly embarrassed because she was suddenly put in an awkward position.

She didn't rally plan to teach Amaia about cooking today.

George smiled at the two of them kindly. Despite his tall stature, he didn't look silly in his fluffy apron. It made him look like a gentle giant.

"Well it's about time that you found someone who could teach you! I bet you still don't know how to cook noodles!" George teased playfully. Amaia huffed and pouted h

n? Why is he on a business trip?"

Amaia slumped her shoulders forward. "I don't know. Maybe something happened with the president. It looked like it was urgent. He didn't call me back after we talked last night.

I... I don't know much... but he trusted me enough to tell me about his business trip. Do you think he's interested in me, Ashley?" Amaia asked anxiously.

Ashley knew what the urgency was about. Andrew had told her about the serious matters that he had to deal with.

She also knew that Johnny was busier than Andrew, but she never thought that Johnny would have found the spare time to tell Amaia about these things.

It seemed to Ashley, that Johnny cared enough to make time for Amaia.

Perhaps he was interested in her after all.

Thinking about this, Ashley slowly nodded, "Yes, I think so. He must have some feelings for you. He's making time to talk to you, isn't that a good thing?"

"Y-Yes... It is, isn't it?" A small smile crept onto Amaia's face.

"Did he tell you when he'll return? You could send some food to him when he is back," Ashley suggested.

Amaia, upon hearing this, frowned and said, "I remember he told me that it might take him at least a week or two."

Ashley frowned and crossed her arms in front of her chest. It was just like what Andrew said yesterday.

Ashley had only then realized that she couldn't live without Andrew in her life.

After Andrew left, it was like a piece of her had gone missing.

"Ashley," Amaia called, looking into Ashley's face for any reaction. "What do you think happened that caused this urgent business trip? I'm getting a little worried that I won't see him for a while."

Ashley sighed and closed her eyes, feeling the weight of Amaia's words sink in. "I... I don't know, Amaia."

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