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   Chapter 437 Such A Big Surprise

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It turned out that Amaia had the heart of a teenage girl.

The color pink was dominant throughout the room, Ashley couldn't help but be dazzled by it.

"Amaia, do you live alone?" Ashley asked.

"No, I live with my parents."

Ashley was taken aback. "What? Where are your mom and dad? I mean, shouldn't I meet them? I don't know what your mom and dad will say if I come here without informing them in advance? No, I should greet them first, Amaia. Don't you think?"

Ashley couldn't help but ask.

"Don't worry, Ashley! There is no need. They will be glad to know that you are here," Amaia replied.

'And you know them well.'

Amaia thought that last sentence but didn't say it out loud. She didn't want to frighten Ashley.

"Amaia, it's time for lunch!"

Just as they looked at each other, a female voice could be heard from outside the room.

The two girls came to their senses after a few seconds had passed. The coincidence was just too much.

"Well, all right, Mom. We'll come soon,"

Amaia replied to the person standing outside her room.

Ashley murmured, "How come I feel this voice is a bit familiar?"

Amaia thought inwardly, 'You have heard this voice everyday in the company. Of course it sounds familiar.'

Amaia said, "Okay, Ashley, well let's go out and have some dinner, but first let me tell you don't get too surprised. Both of my parents are nice people."

Ashley wasn't nervous in the beginning.

Yet, now she was just a little bit nervous after hearing what Amaia told her.

Ashley stopped Amaia who was about to go out. "Amaia, what will they say if I go out to meet them like this? Oh no, I forgot to buy some gifts for your mom and dad especially since this my first time here."

Ashley patted herself on the head.

Ashley had come here at the spur of the moment. She didn't even think to ask Amaia all these questions before she came. Now she felt guilty for not doing so.

Amaia said, "Oh, don't worry about it. My parents are not that formal. They don't mind if you buy or don't buy the

tween them.

It was such a surprise.

Today Ashley learned the true wisdom of never judging a book by its cover.

Kelly and Amaia immortalized this truth on her forever.

Seeing Amaia's childish behavior, Kelly couldn't help but laugh. She touched Amaia's forehead and said, "You naughty girl. Ashley is here. Look at you. You are not a kid anymore."

Amaia pouted. "Mom! Ashley won't laugh at me for that."

"Am I right, Ashley?"

"Of course Amaia," Ashley replied

When Kelly laughed, they looked more alike. Moreover, her beauty was preserved very well. Perhaps because she always had a serious expression, people subconsciously didn't appreciate her looks.

But now, when she laughed and stood beside Amaia, they didn't look like mother and daughter at all. They were more like sisters.

Looking at how the two got along, Ashley was a little envious and annoyed at herself; she thought to herself, 'Why hadn't I realized that they had some kind of special relationship before?

'I wondered why Amaia kept whispering in my ears about how kind Ms. Mo was.

Now I know the reason behind it.'

Ashley began to feel so lucky that she had seen Kelly smile at her twice today.

Amaia suddenly sniffed, and her eyes lit up. She exclaimed out loud like a child, "Wow, it smells good. Daddy is cooking something delicious. I want to have a look!"

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