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   Chapter 436 It's So Adorable!

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7339

Updated: 2020-01-04 12:04

'I can't let them meet again!'

'Otherwise, I fear something bad will happen.' Angelina thought.

After hearing Angelina's words, Belinda felt a little disappointed.

She really liked the girl that she had run into today.

Angelina comforted Belinda for a time, but now it was time to move on. Belinda pushed her disappointment away and tried not to think about Ashley any more.

Nothing was more important to her than her daughter.

Ashley called Josef and told him to go back by himself. She was fine alone and could manage getting back on her own. She just walked slowly down the road.

As she looked at the pedestrians on the road, her eyes seemed vacant as if no one was there. Nobody could tell what she was thinking about.

In fact, Ashley was thinking hard on one matter only.

Many people had made things difficult for her before she and Andrew could let the public know about the news.

'If everyone knew about the relationship between Andrew and I, what would they do to me? 'Ashley pondered. 'Then what would happen to me?'

The weather in July was very hot. It took only a few minutes to redden Ashley's face.

Now her fair skin was seriously reddened.

Ashley stopped beside a tree. Leaning against the tree, she sighed, "Fine, I give up. Let it be."

She didn't want to be entangled anymore in this turmoil. She decided to let nature take its course.

Ashley looked at the sun. Just from the sun, she could tell it was almost noon. She didn't want to turn back now.

After thinking for a while, she called Amaia.

Now it was better to go with Amaia and teach her how to cook than to stay here with the heat.

Amaia was extremely excited to receive Ashley's call. When she heard that Ashley was going to visit her house, she quickly sent her the address, so she could come without delay.

Intent on having Ashley come, Amaia made sure that she was able to get to her place, even letting Ashley know that she could come to pick her up.

But Ashley politely refused. She could take a taxi to the hospital by herself.

Even though Ashley's refusal made Amaia a little sad, her disappointment was swiftly replaced with happiness that Ashley was going

pair of shoes for her.

"Ashley, come on in. Dont be shy! I'll show you my bedroom."

Just now, Amaia's drowsiness had disappeared. Ashley was here to teach her to cook and Ashley's presence invigorated her. Now she felt ready to cook!

"Okay, Amaia," said Ashley

Amaia's room was not very big, but it was well decorated. It was a simple apartment with three bedrooms and two living rooms, which covered an area of over 200 square meters.

Amaia took Ashley to her bedroom, telling Ashley to come on in.

Amaia's bedroom was very pink and girly. There were several fluffy toys, a dolphin, and a panda scattered on the bed.

Ashley fixed her eyes on those fluffy toys. For some reason, she just couldn't look away.

In fact, Ashley also liked the fluffy stuffed animals.

Her eyes were fixed on a dolphin on Amaia's bed, Ashley yelled in amazement, "It's so adorable!"

She wanted to buy one as well, so, at night she could hold it in her arms and sleep!

Ashley held the dolphin on Amaia's bed as if she never wanted to let go of it.

Amaia jumped onto her bed at once to join Ashley. She looked at the dolphin in Ashley's hand and said, "Yeah, I also think this is a good idea. Let's each hug one toy." Amaia said as she hugged a big Pikachu in her arms.

Amaia's bed was soft and bouncy. Whenever Ashley lied down, she couldn't help but bounce.

"Okay, let us each hold one toy and just lie here," Ashley said, agreeing with Amaia.

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