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   Chapter 435 Passing By

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Lesley smiled widely as she asked, "Are you Ashley?

You have a wonderful way with words."

"Oh. I-I'm flattered," Ashley replied shyly.

Both of them knew what Lesley said last night.

They knew with a fact that those words were only meant for the onlookers.

Lesley liked Andrew so much that she had sworn to herself that she wouldn't give up.

She would never accept Ashley as Andrew's woman. She would never give them her blessing.

Everything she said the day before was all an act. None of the elders would understand, anyway. She had to pretend to appear cute and sensible towards Ashley.

The phone call from yesterday was with Andrew's father, who was asking about Ashley.

Arya, Andrew's mother, was also very agitated about the situation. Ashley refused to listen to anything no matter what she said.

They always felt powerless against Ashley.

Arya relayed everything Ashley said to Andrew's father.

It came as no surprise that Ethan became furious after hearing what Ashley said.

"If she doesn't want to behave, let her be. Stop caring about her. We'll see how long she can behave like this!"

"Okay then."

After hanging up the phone, Arya went back to where she was before.

Arya was oblivious to the conversation between Lesley and Ashley's. But judging from Lesley's sullen expression and Ashley's blank one, she grew a little concerned for Lesley.

"Lesley, what's wrong? Was she bullying you?"

Arya asked worriedly.

Lesley glanced at Ashley before shaking her head quickly. "No. No. Ashley wasn't bullying me. I'm all right, Auntie Arya."

"Don't be scared. Just tell me what happened. I'll protect you," Arya said reassuringly.

When Lesley still refused to say anything, Arya started to glare at Ashley. She tugged Lesley's hand and tried to pull her up. "Come on, Lesley, let's go home."

"Okay, Auntie."

They stood up and left Ashley alone.

Neither of them even bothered to say goodbye.

Ashley peered at the forgotten coffee mug on the table before she shifted in her seat to move closer to the table. She added a few sugar cubes in it, before raising the mug to her lips to take a sip. She hardly finished her drink when she got up, hoisted her bag over her shoulder, and left.

It was unfortunate that the three of them failed to reach an agreement, again. They parted after the spiteful encounter.

Belinda was waiting for Angelina by the doorway. When she brought

quickly and deeply towards Ashley.

Belinda slapped her forehead in frustration. "Ugh! Why did I forget to ask for her number? I just asked her name! That doesn't do anything!"

Belinda was feeling so frustrated.

Little did she know that her daughter's heart had skipped a beat because of her words.

Angelina held onto her mother's arm and tried to calm her down. "Mom. Stop thinking so much. Maybe you two are destined to meet one another again, one day.

And if you said you knew her name, maybe you could tell me? Who knows? Maybe I know her, too." Angelina smiled, hoping she could get some information from her mother.

Belinda nodded and smiled at her daughter. She immediately mentioned Ashley's name.

The people who could afford this place was either rich or extremely powerful. The last time she came here, Angelina attended the birthday party of the Feng Group's CEO. A lot of debutantes gathered then.

This was why Belinda didn't bother to keep this a secret to her daughter.

Angelina's eyes widened in shock as she heard Ashley's name.

So it was her!

"So? Angelina, do you know who she is? Do you know which family she's from? Maybe you could invite her to our home!"

Belinda asked, looking at Angelina with very expectant eyes.

Angelina answered a little too quickly, "No, I don't know her. I've never heard of an Ashley before. Among all the debutantes I gathered, none of them had that name."

Even if Ashley knew who she was, she couldn't tell her mother the truth.

She wouldn't dare invite Ashley to her own home either.

If Ashley was invited to come meet the Gu family...

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