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   Chapter 434 Heaven and Earth

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Ashley felt as if she was the prey of wolves as she sat across them.

Arya's eyes looked at her with disdain.

She was no longer the commoner whose old life was mirrored by the woman across her. That former self had long been buried since she married into the Lu family. For years, she had been living in luxury, never having to lift a finger and had everyone at her beck and call. Arya had already forgotten the similarities between Ashley and herself.

Once, she too had been from an ordinary life.

It was all due to chance when Ethan had unexpectedly been smitten by her that her life had changed entirely.

The abrupt transition from one life to another had taught her how to survive in the world of the upper-class. She had learned a thing or two.

Arya went straight to the point as soon as Ashley sat down. "How much do you want for you to leave Andrew?" she asked, her brow raised in condescension.

The five million she had taken away was still vivid in Arya's memory. She had never quite forgotten the offense.

Such an amount was nothing to bother herself over, but her pride would not yield. She was not going to let her off that easily.

She had seen plenty of her sort of people - gold-digging opportunists who would jump at their every chance. Andrew's money and status was something that would attract parasites, and Arya was convinced that Ashley was one of them. Love was easy enough to fake, but people's intentions are always made clear sooner or later.

Last time, Ashley refused to leave Andrew because she thought the money she offered was too little. Arya scoffed in contempt at the memory.

"You already got five million the last time. How about I give you five million more?" she proposed. "Think about it. It would be more than enough to ensure you live in comfort for the rest of your life. You can spend it however you please. If you manage it well, even your children will benefit from it.

I have only one condition. Leave Andrew and never show yourself to ever him again."

Ten million.

It was an astronomical figure to Ashley. She had never heard, or even dared to think of so much money.

What was more, everything Arya said was right. If she had ten million, she wouldn't even have to work or worry about her future.

Indeed, it was a very tempting offer.

Some time ago, she might have taken it.

But it was different now.

Not when she had

't gone…" her voice trailed off. Despite leaving out the last part, the implication behind her words was clear to everyone in the room.

Arya's eyes softened as she looked at Lesley. "You are such a good girl. Don't say that. I know you went abroad for Andrew. Don't worry. You will be his wife," she assured her.

"But, Ashley..." said Lesley, throwing another glance at the other woman.

Disgust was written all over Arya's features as she said, "Ignore her! I have tried to peacefully convince her, but if she insists on having it her way. Then she leaves me no choice."

Her hatred flared as she looked at Ashley.

If she won't listen to words, then maybe she would listen to force.

Ashley was not stupid. She could see clearly what Lesley was playing at. A sarcastic smile came to her lips.

Suddenly, Arya's phone rang.

"Lesley, I have to take this call," she said.

"Okay, Auntie."

Arya left the room, leaving the two women to themselves. Lesley dropped the act and eyed Ashley haughtily. "So. When are you going to leave Andrew?" she asked.

Ashley feigned surprise at her change of persona. "Didn't you just say last night that you would let Andrew and I be together? Why are you suddenly changing your mind? Does this mean that you lied to me? You didn't mean every word of it, did you? Was it just bullshit?"

Ashley kept her eyes on her and acted as if she didn't notice the darkening of Lesley's expression.

Lesley's face hardened as she looked at Ashley.

The two women fixed their eyes on each other, tense, as if predators waiting for each other's next move.

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