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   Chapter 432 An Unexpected Departure

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Carrying Angelina in his arms, Jeremy smiled apologetically to Andrew and then walked away.

Andrew felt that it was normal for a brother and sister to do this.

Just when Ashley was about to follow Jeremy and Angelina, Andrew grabbed her arm and said, "They have some important work to do. You don't have to accompany them."

Although Angelina was in Jeremy's arms, she turned her head and looked back. She couldn't take her eyes off Ashley.

Angelina felt a sudden pang of weight sitting on her heart. She didn't know whether it was guilt or self-hatred that was eating her up.

Angelina made a promise to herself that she would never let Jeremy meet Ashley again. He had a good impression on Ashley and she was afraid that he might figure something out.

She had soon forgotten what she had said before.

Everyone was the same. Nobody would enjoy a simple and humble life once they get a taste of luxury.

Angelina was no exception.

There was a time when she made promises to herself.

Little had she known that she would be breaking every single one of them very soon.

As soon as the party was over, Ashley and Andrew left quietly without bothering anyone.

In the hopes of finding Andrew, Lesley searched every corner of the party. But her efforts were in vain. He was nowhere to be found.

Lesley couldn't stop thinking that Ashley and Andrew had come together for the party as a couple. She clenched her fists in an effort to get rid of the images of them that were flashing in her mind.

'Sooner or later, I will make you leave Andrew!

Soon, you will lose your pride, Ashley!' Lesley vowed.

Once the party was over, Andrew's parents came to comfort Lesley. Their presence and soothing words seemed like a relief, at least for the moment.

Lesley's forced smile made Ethan hate his son even more.

Ashley and Andrew went straight to the villa. They were completely exhausted after the party and went to bed after a quick dinner.

As soon as Ashley saw her warm, cozy bed, she dove into it and let out a moan of relief. The long walk at the banquet had made her legs ache, and she was completely exhausted.

This was too much for Ashley, who hadn't been to a huge party before. She made a note to politely decline any invi

grabbed his clothes and toiletries.

Having lived with Andrew for such a long time, Ashley knew exactly that he had mysophobia. So it was better to bring his own items with him.

Andrew looked at Ashley with a smile on his face. A sense of love and warmth had washed over him. He had never felt this before.

Andrew's love for Ashley increased when he saw the things she had packed for him. She had understood him very well and was incredibly thoughtful. He was lucky to have her.

The size of his luggage surprised him. He had never carried a big luggage before.

And nobody had put so much thought in packing his things.

"I'll take Johnny with me, but I'll leave Josef with you. He'll help you out if you need anything."

Josef wasn't as adept as Johnny was, but he had learned a lot as he had been Andrew's driver for many years.

He couldn't leave Ashley all alone. He wanted someone he trusted to take care of her.

He hoped that the Lu family would not challenge his bottom line. Otherwise, he had to do whatever it took to defend his interest.

Now they had only one hour's time to be together.

One hour had been a long time for Ashley before. But now, she felt the time fly.

Andrew's cell phone rang again. "It must be Johnny. Let's go out first," Ashley motioned towards the door.

Andrew was silent as he read Ashley's face. All of a sudden he grabbed Ashley in his arms, looked deep into her eyes, and closed his mouth against hers before she could finish her sentence.

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