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   Chapter 431 The Silly Girl

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They had always thought highly of Andrew.

But with what he had done, they saw him with unforgiving eyes.

He dared treat their precious daughter like this!

And worse, he had chosen an ordinary woman over Lesley and even went as far as marrying her! They were incredulous at his decision.

Ashley understood Rae's words as well. She knew that the woman was throwing all the blame on her. She held his hand more tightly.

They could say all they wanted about her. She would be able to bear being called the foulest of names, but hearing them speak ill of Andrew cut through her deeply.

Partly because she knew they were just being angry with her.

They were badmouthing him to his face because Andrew had married her.

Ethan didn't know where to start. He fumbled for words, trying to find the right excuse. "Aaron, even I didn't know about this until now. I had tried to persuade Andrew the second I knew of his relationship with that woman, but it seemed that my words didn't go through that thick skull of his!" He threw another sharp glance at his son before he continued. "Do not worry. Lesley will be the only daughter-in-law of the Lu family."

His tone held a certain finality to it that softened Aaron's face, but his eyes remained sharp, making it evident that he was still not completely satisfied.

"Then you must take care of this. I don't want people gossiping about Lesley after she marries into your family," said Rae.

Reputation was one of the most important things in families such as theirs. It was an unspoken rule among those who belonged to the upper class. Once a person, even more so a woman, was involved in a scandal, it would plague her for the rest of her life. She would be reduced to nothing but a pariah, no matter how much wealth she had to her name. Rae feared for her daughter after she saw the mess she was in.

Andrew had already married Ashley. If the Lu family didn't take care of things discreetly, Lesley would be seen as the third person in the relationship.

Arya stood beside Rae. Reaching for her hand, she assured her, "Don't worry, Rae. We'll make sure this matter is taken care of immediately. We have been watching Lesley since she was a child. She and Andrew have a longer history. Andrew has been seduced by this woman for now, but he will come to his senses soon enough."

Rae gave Andrew a look and said, "He had better,"

then turning to his parents, she continued. "But let this be a warning. This is your last chance. I don't want my daughter

gaze. She was looking at Jeremy and Angelina, who were not far away.

At this time, Jeremy spotted them and smiled. He wanted to come over to them. In fact, Jeremy quite liked Ashley.

Jeremy had always wanted to get to know her better.

Besides, Andrew was one of his best friends. It was only appropriate for him to approach them and greet them.

Angelina had also seen Ashley and Andrew. The moment her eyes fell on Ashley, her heart protested. Looking at Jeremy who was having a different expression on his face, she reminded of the jade pendant on Ashley's chest. Before she knew what she was doing, she was pulling him back.

Jeremy felt her tugging at him and stopped. "What's wrong?" he asked gently as he turned to her.

Angelina lowered her head and said, "Nothing. I just had a sudden stomach ache."

At this, Jeremy's face filled with worry. "What's wrong? Was it because of the food? Did you eat something bad?" he asked her in a hurry, putting his hands on her arms.

"It's not a big deal. I'll feel better after some rest," Angelina replied.

Angelina suddenly bent down and held her stomach with her hands, visibly pale.

The sight of Ashley gave her more discomfort than her feigned stomachache ever would.

Ashley saw her crouch and was concerned. "What happened to Angelina? Why is she suddenly squatting down? Is she alright?"

Ashley asked as she tried to walk towards Angelina and Jeremy.

Andrew had no choice but to follow her.

Jeremy looked at Angelina and frowned. "Angelina, that's not good. Let me send you to the hospital first," he insisted.

Angelina cast a worried glance at the two people approaching them and nodded.

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