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   Chapter 430 Don't You Owe Us An Explanation

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Updated: 2019-12-31 19:07

He had forgotten that he was just like his son in his younger days.

Andrew met his father's eyes calmly and said, "She is my wife. My recognition is more than enough."

As he spoke, his hand tightened around Ashley's in silent encouragement.

The gesture had been small, but it did not escape Ethan. He was filled with anger at what he had witnessed.

"Your recognition?" he spat out. "You forget that you are also a member of this family. If you really want to choose this woman, then you will never enter our house again. I forbid it!"

Ethan bellowed in fury.

Andrew didn't so much as flinch in the heat of his father's anger. He just proceeded to hold Ashley's hand, as if reassuring her.

Ethan knew Andrew's temperament like the back of his own hand. He was his son after all. Mere words would not persuade him. His actions were always characterized with indifference, as if he had no desire or concern for anything or anyone.

Turning his attention to Ashley, Ethan spoke again, his voice still heavy with anger. "And you. Don't you dare think that you will be a member of the Lu family just because of some fleeting boyish fancy. The Lu family will never allow you to marry him."

Arya pulled Ethan aside and attempted to placate his outrage. "That's enough, Ethan. You know that there is no use for your anger. Andrew will understand later on. You will just tire yourself if you say anything more about it now."

Even as her approach was more calm, the truth of the matter was that Arya's dislike of Ashley ran deeper than Ethan's. She knew the woman's identity, and her background was of the most ordinary. She was not suited to be a part of their family, who stood at the top of the elites.

Her beauty was the only noteworthy thing about her. Other than that, she was as dispensable as the next person.

In the past, Arya had stood exactly where Ashley was — she was no one, but her husband's devotion carried her through the turbulence of the path she chose.

She had become a Lu.

However, it would do them no good to allow history to repeat itself. One person of such origin was more than enough for the Lu family.

It would bring nothing but trouble if they decided to accept another one like her.

Andrew remained staunch in his decision even in the face of his father's reprimands and threats. He h

but Rae was one step ahead of him.

"What? What do you mean married? When did that even happen? And why hadn't we been informed? Lesley, please explain. Is Andrew really married to this woman? Then what about you? Do they think our families are some kind of a joke?"

Rae had painfully watched as her daughter was embarrassed by Andrew's refusal to marry her. But enough was enough. There was no way she would sit still after what she had just heard.

A frown appeared on Aaron's lips as well. So Andrew had already married. How was such big news kept hidden from them?

If it weren't for Lesley, there was no telling how long they would be kept in the dark.

Clearing his throat, Aaron asked, "About this matter, Ethan. Don't you think you are the one who owes us an explanation? Hadn't we agreed on the engagement long ago? How come you made a decision by yourself? And what's more, you hid it from all of us.

Rae came to Lesley's side and pulled her close. "You foolish girl. He's married. Why do you continue to chase after him? If he wanted you, he would have responded long ago!" Lesley's mother looked at her disapprovingly, but the woman was more cunning than she appeared to be. Her words were directed at Lesley, but everyone knew the implication behind her words. In fact, she was accusing Andrew of what he had done.

Lesley didn't speak any more after what she had said, allowing her mother to take over. She merely kept her head lowered, still playing the part of the spurned fiancee.

Rae and Aaron were even more displeased now.

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