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   Chapter 429 Andrew's Wife

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Lucy wanted to say more, but she was cut off by Sansa, who sounded annoyed. "All right, stop worrying. No one's going to find out. Don't make a big deal out of this." Even if they do, they won't get to you. So, there is no need for you to worry at all."

Sansa and Lucy were good friends, but Sansa hated Lucy for being timid and overcautious about every little thing. Lucy was scrupulous and paid attention to the smallest of things when they were doing something or headed somewhere, and that would always get on Sansa's nerves.

Sansa wished for Lucy to be brave and decisive like the rest of her friends.

Lucy frowned, as she watched Sansa walk away. She wanted to say something but didn't dare to say another word.

She knew that her friends didn't like to hang out with her because she always chickened out from everything, and was always careful not to make a mistake.

Lucy wasn't born weak, but her circumstances and upbringing had turned her this way.

She was born in a strict family that always had a close eye on her every move. Her behavior was under constant scrutiny - she could never do a thing that she wanted to and was forced to do the things that she wasn't interested in. She had lived her life trying to please her family.

Now, she couldn't behave any other way, other than what was expected of her by her family. She had lost her true personality over time.

Lucy looked down dispirited. Sometimes she hated herself for being this way.

Lesley had gone to Ashley's side, pretending that she was unaware of the strange atmosphere. "Ashley, why are you here? Didn't I tell you to wait for a moment?" She said, looking surprised. "My father had something important for me. I couldn't get away for a while. I'm so sorry about leaving you here."

"That's all right," replied Ashley.

Andrew hadn't bothered to look at Lesley.

He pulled Ashley into a tight embrace and wanted to leave with her.

Lesley couldn't take her eyes off Andrew's hands that were resting on Ashley's waist. Her face bore an

ley and smiled. "Hi, Andrew. Why are you standing there? Come here and have a seat."

The smile on Rae's face disappeared in an instant and was replaced by a frown when she saw the woman standing next to Andrew. Her daughter's crush on Andrew wasn't a secret in J City. The last time Lesley had mentioned about Andrew being with a woman, Rae didn't make a big deal out of it. She thought that it was just another rumor. But she couldn't digest it when she saw Andrew standing so close to another woman.

"Who's this?" she asked coldly.

Ashley had sensed the coldness in Rae's voice and decided to keep quiet.

Lesley glanced at Andrew and Ashley, biting her lip. "She is Andrew's friend."

"This is my wife," Andrew chimed in at the same time.

Lesley's words were muffled, as everyone heard Andrew's words, loud and clear.

Lesley's face turned red when she looked at Andrew. "Andrew..."

"Wife?" she was cut off by Ethan who stood up instinctively. "We've never agreed to let her enter our family. And you call her your wife?"

Ethan stared at Ashley with total contempt. He was disgusted by the very sight of her. Not just Ethan, but everyone there had thought that Ashley had cast a spell on Andrew, and had turned him into her puppet.

Ethan was mad at his son. He hated him for being too weak to resist the moves of this vile woman.

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