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   Chapter 427 My Woman

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The woman was about to strike Ashley again. She was so enraged at what had transpired, that she had completely lost all self-control. The only thing on her mind now was to hurt Ashley.

In a split-second, Ashley's mind began to assess the situation. The woman was pregnant, slow, and full of rage. She had easily made her intentions clear enough for Ashley, who could easily dodge her attack now.

It would have been a simple matter for Ashley to step away now. After all, she had already endured enough of this woman's abuses, hadn't she? She could have easily dodged the woman's strike, but Ashley did not.

Ashley remembered that the woman was pregnant, and in a delicate state. If she moved away from the incoming blow, the woman might lose her balance, endangering the life of the baby inside of her. No, Ashley wouldn't allow that to happen. She decided to just take the hit, and let the woman have her way. Better that, than risking the life of an innocent unborn child.

Ashley was about to brace for impact, but it never happened. A pair of hands caught the woman's arm, just as she was about to strike Ashley.

The strong hands restrained the woman, and she could not strike Ashley.

Ashley saw what was happening. She immediately recognized the man that had saved her from taking even more abuse.

"Andrew wait! Stop! She's pregnant!"

Andrew was already in a fit of rage himself. He had seen what this woman was about to do to Ashley, and it upset him greatly. There was no telling what he would have done if Ashley had not stopped him. The woman felt Andrew's hands clasp tightly on her arm, and she fainted.

Bruce caught his wife in time, before she could fall and possibly injure herself. It was only now that Andrew started to compose himself. He couldn't believe what had almost happened.

"Johnny, if you please?" Johnny was standing behind him. When he heard Andrew called him, he handed him a clean handkerchief without thinking.

Andrew kept stone silent, as he wiped his mouth and hands with the handkerchief that Johnny handed to him.

Andrew had flexed his authority. He was one of the most powerful men in J City, and no one dared mess with him.

He was CEO of the Lu Group, the most powerful person in the Lu family!

The rumors had spread tha

rew gave her an assuring glance and said, "I know."

He turned to look around, his eyes cold and his face impassive. He spoke in a firm tone. He did not shout, but his words came out loud and clear. Everyone understood Andrew. "Ashley, she is my woman!"

It was like a bomb exploded. Everyone was shocked by the impact of Andrew's simple words.

'What did Mr. Lu just say?

Who is Ashley?

Did he say Ashley is his woman?

Is the woman standing by his side Ashley?

How could that be possible? Didn't they say he never had any woman around him?'

After he made the statement, he held Ashley's waist and they on each other intimately.

They looked at the crowd coldly and seemed to be indifferent to their astonishment.

Andrew would not tolerate any of this nonsense. He would not allow any harm to come to Ashley.

The important thing was, Ashley was safe and unharmed.

Right when he arrived, he saw the woman try to harm Ashley. Andrew would not tolerate it.

"You, what were you doing a moment ago?"

The woman began to tremble, and her stomach was now tied in knots. Any domineering attitude she had was now completely lost.

Her face turned as pale as a sheet.

"Mr....Mr. Lu."

Bruce had never seen his wife tremble in fear like this. He was used to seeing her so strong-willed, and now she looked absolutely pathetic. He wanted to do or say something, but he kept his silence. What could he do? This was Mr. Lu, after all.

Bruce could only watch and hope that Andrew would calm down.

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