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   Chapter 425 A Day Filled With Surprises

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7492

Updated: 2019-12-29 00:02

Ashley followed Lesley closely this time, being careful not to get lost again.

But to her utter dismay, Lesley had disappeared. Although, Ashley had kept a close eye on her, she didn't know when she had lost her.

She almost wanted to curse out loud when she found that Lesley had disappeared again.

This was their place and Ashley couldn't follow her. Perhaps, Lesley led Ashley here so that she couldn't follow her.

Ashley was having a crazy day.

She looked around, studying the place. It was secluded and looked scarier than the room where the dresses were kept.

She couldn't figure out which part of the hotel she was in at that moment.

'Isn't it a 7-star hotel? Why does it have a place that is secluded and scary?' she thought.

Ashley was helpless. She didn't know what to do next. Luckily, she found a hotel staff and borrowed her cell phone to call Andrew.

She didn't have a clue where Andrew was. Even if she did, she knew that she would get lost if she went looking for him.

Ashley was bad with directions. If she had to look for someone, she'd lose her way first and had to find her way out, before finding that person.

Luckily, she had remembered Andrew's cell phone number.

Andrew was busy talking with the important people in his business circle when his cell phone rang. Although the Lu Group of companies, was the largest, and the most powerful enterprise in J City, he still had to keep in touch with the people in the circle.

Andrew couldn't afford to be brash, just because he was the CEO of the Lu Group.

Andrew had given his private number to Ashley. Only a few people whom Andrew trusted and counted on knew this number.

Although an unknown number was displayed in the caller ID, Andrew picked up the call without any hesitation.

When he heard that Ashley couldn't find her way, Andrew pursed his lips.

"Stay where you are. I'll be there."

Andrew hung up the call and walked out after apologizing to the people he was talking to.

Ashley returned the phone to the hotel staff and thanked her, with a grateful smile.

The hotel staff nodded her head and walked away.

There was a pat on Ashley's shoulder. She turned around and found a young boy standing in front of h

time and her legs had gone numb. She stood up to stretch her legs.

Andrew was taking too long to come.

Ashley was looking around, hoping that Andrew would come sooner. She was suddenly knocked off her feet by a tight embrace, from someone behind her.

Her heart had leapt in her throat in shock. "Let me go! Who the hell are you?" she screamed.

"Baby, I didn't know that you are here too. Don't you miss me?"

said a voice, sounding thick with lust that made bile rise in Ashley's throat.

Ashley struggled to get out of his grip. "Let me go! I don't know you. Who the hell are you?"

The man was confused. He hadn't expected her to struggle and Ashley finally broke away from him.

When she stood face to face with him, he finally saw Ashley's face burning in anger.

She wasn't his baby.

In fact, she was prettier and sexier than his baby.

A wicked thought had occurred in his mind. His wife wasn't here now; she wouldn't know a thing. He could do whatever he wanted to do.

The mere thought of it made his heart thrum in excitement. He raked his eyes over Ashley's body, burning with lust. Ashley was disgusted and wanted to throw up.

"How could you not know me? You are my little baby.

Come over here, Darling."

He threw himself at Ashley.

Ashley immediately stepped aside, escaping his vile touch.

She knitted her eyebrows and looked at the man in disgust. Who the hell was this man? She had never seen him before. And who the hell was his baby?

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