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   Chapter 424 Who Could Guess It

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7255

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Who did Ashley think she was? Who could look at her that way? Only her brother had ever glared at her like that. Ashley had a lot of nerve to stare like that. How dare she! She had no right to glare at her like that!

When she came back to her senses, she was furious. She stared at Ashley and there was no telling what she was going to do. Fortunately, Angelina pulled her away before she could do anything irrational.

"All right. I splashed the wine on her accidentally. I admit it! Just keep it quiet already." said Angelina.

Susie finally gave up after hearing Angelina say that.

Susie listened to Angelina because of her relation to Jeremy.

She could ignore and dismiss just about anybody, but not Angelina.

"Ashley, what happened to you? I just had something to attend to. I'm sure you understand, don't you?" It was Lesley. She had finally returned to Ashley. Ashley said nothing, and Lesley remained unmoved.

"Forget it, Ashley. Just come with me to my room. You can get changed there. You can't possibly go out with a stained dress like that." Lesley came over to Ashley's side and looked at her with concern.

Ashley pressed her lips sarcastically without saying anything. 'She was the one who left me here. I'm sure she's happy that I ended up getting wine spilled all over my dress.'

Ashley flatly refused Lesley. "Thank you, but I'd better just go find Andrew. He brought some of my clothes along."

Lesley clenched her hands together and fixed her eyes on Ashley. She managed to smile and said, "Maybe you'd better just go to my room to get changed first. I don't know where Andrew is right now. You won't find him by running around like this."

After giving it some thought, Ashley decided that Lesley was probably right.

She had not brought her cell phone with her. This would make it impossible to contact Andrew. The dining hall was also pretty large which would make it next to impossible to easily run into Andrew.

Perhaps it would be easier to find Andrew if she stuck with Lesley.

So she said, "All right, fine."

Lesley said, "I am the one who pulled you away from Andrew. I'm responsible for you here, so it's on

a white evening dress made of translucent fabric, which looked very comfortable to touch. "Why not try this one?"

Ashley looked at her with puzzlement. "Why?"

Both of the dresses were from the same wardrobe, but the one in Lesley's hand was a little higher and taller. It seemed to be a better fit for Ashley.

Lesley took a glance at Ashley and then said lightly, "I just don't want the woman who stands beside him to look bad or anything. This dress would really look good on you. What's wrong? Do you still think I have bad intentions? Come on, now! Just try it on!"

Who the "him" Lesley referred to was going without saying.

In the end, Ashley agreed to wear Lesley's hand-picked dress.

Once Ashley put on the dress, she realized that it was wonderful. It was a perfect fit for her, that brought out her natural beauty. It hugged her body perfectly and gave her a very sophisticated and chic look.

Ashley was very pleased with the dress, and she could not hide her satisfaction.

The white dress was knee-length, so the pale and smooth skin of her leg was highlighted and framed in a very attractive light. Her slim arms also stood out pleasantly. Ashley's hair was tied up in a bun which only highlighted her attractive face even more. The dress and her hair framed Ashley perfectly. She had the radiance of a sophisticated woman.

Lesley took a quick glance at her and then looked away. "Okay, let's get out of here."

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