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   Chapter 422 Apology

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7769

Updated: 2019-12-27 14:50

Susie looked around her and saw nothing but sad and miserable people. She couldn't respect any of them.

The people around her were nothing special for Susie. For her, they did not even deserve her respect. There was a husband who was caught cheating on his wife. He was even callous enough to bring his woman to the celebration. Susie could not believe how brazen this man could be.

The man's wife attended the banquet on a whim, and this was something the man did not expect. It was something that could potentially have disastrous consequences for him. If she did not attend the celebration, there would have been no way that she would even suspect his infidelity.

"Is what she said true?"

After the first moment of being angry, surprised and shattered, the woman regained her composure and watched the man quietly, waiting for his confirmation. She wanted to hear it from his own mouth. She needed the words to come right out of his mouth, even if she already saw the proof for herself.

The man was filled with shame and regret for what he had done, and could only look away in silence.

How could the woman not understand after seeing this scene? The woman saw everything in front of her play out, but she still could not admit it to herself. Or at least her heart couldn't.

She had been through many trials and tribulations with him. She had worked hard to keep their marriage going, and she knew the man was not perfect. However, she never expected anything like this. She did not expect a betrayal of this proportion.

"How could you have done this to me? Why did you do it? Why did you cheat on me? I've been good to you. I've tried to give you everything you need, but this is how you repay me? Let's just get a divorce. I won't keep you with me in marriage if this is what you really want."

Ashley raised an eyebrow after listening in on their little drama. She had to give that woman credit. The woman had a lot of backbone to tell her cheating husband the way it was, that way. That took a lot of courage.

Ashley wondered why the woman was now so calm. Perhaps she had lost all illusions and pretenses about him. Or perhaps she never loved him at all.

Whatever the answer was, if she did love him, it was all gone now.

"Honey, no, listen to me. Please let me explain. This was all wron

at this moment.

To make things worse, the wine fell on the most awkward parts of her dress.

The culprit was gone. Angelina watched the victim of the disaster, feeling upset.

Who was that man that could be so rude and unruly?

But it wasn't the time for her to grumble. Angelina felt sorry that she had spilled the wine all over that girl's dress.

She put down her glass hurriedly and said genuinely, "I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean it. Are you okay?"

Ashley could barely keep her anger in check. Her dress was smeared in wine, and she was embarrassed to just breathe. Her dress was ruined.

This wasn't turning out to be a great day for her.

Today certainly wasn't her luckiest!

First she was led somewhere unfamiliar and dumped by Lesley. Then, the wine fell on her dress and completely ruined it.

Luckily the person who splashed wine on her was acting properly. All that Ashley could do now was to find Andrew and get a quick change of clothes.

Ashley could not waste any more time here. She had to find Andrew. "It's okay. Don't worry. I'll just go get a quick change of clothes."

Ashley couldn't tell who she was talking to but Angelina recognized Ashley's voice.

She opened her eyes wide and asked, "Is it you?"

"Well? Do you know me?" Ashley raised her head with puzzlement.

She saw Angelina standing in front of her. She got a vague impression that she had seen her somewhere but she just couldn't remember where, exactly.

"Yes, it's me, Angelina. We met at the resort village," said Angelina.

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