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   Chapter 421 The Affair

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She would have never expected for Angelina to come back. What's even more shocking was that Angelina came back with Jeremy!

Why was Susie so upset about this? Angelina was a member of the Gu family, but only a very few people knew about this fact. Moreover, nobody here was aware who Angelina was.

Susie was the only one who knew who everyone here was.

When Susie saw Jeremy, she accepted the fact that she had to hang out with Angelina immediately. She had to.

Jeremy hesitated at first, because he didn't want to risk his good relationship with Andrew. He was also close to Andrew's half-sister.

This was why Jeremy didn't want Angelina to be involved with anything related to Susie. It was too risky.

However, Martin and Belinda were oblivious to the internal struggle that was happening. It had been too long since they last returned to J City. Everything had changed a lot since then.

After seeing Susie's exquisite face and dignified behavior, they also understood the fact that Jeremy was Andrew's good friend. Martin and Belinda didn't want to waste any time arguing with Jeremy and Susie. It was the logical decision at this point.

Jeremy wouldn't have the chance to stop them. He was preoccupied watching Angelina being whisked away by Susie.

However, at this point, most noble female celebrities around their age were surprised to see Angelina standing beside Susie.

Since Susie was also considered a popular socialite, she would often be seen hanging out with Lesley. Because of what was happening right now, everyone was surprised to see this 'nobody' beside her!

But, Susie seemed really keen on introducing Angelina to everyone around.

"Angelina, if you need something or if there's something you find difficult to understand, you don't need to worry about it. Feel free to ask me, I'll be here for you."

Susie encouraged her with gentle eyes and a bright smile.

When Angelina saw Susie's angelic face, she knew that Susie was being sincere towards her. This made Angelina feel reassured amidst all the people around them. This environment was too foreign to her, she had never been in this situation before. It was encouraging to have a woman as nice and helpful as Susie with her.

Angelina nodded and smiled at her. "Okay Susie."

Susie winked at Angelina to signal that everything was going according to plan. If Angelina wanted Jeremy's relatives to even remotely like her, then Susie had to take advantage of the situation.

Angelina had now found her way back to the Gu family at this point. What's mo

see what you look like? How dare you tie him to yourself with your plain appearance? Be realistic about this, sooner or later, both of you are going to divorce."

The latter voice sounded a lot calmer than that of the former one. However, her words were not the very least pleasant.

What was more important to take note was that it was Lesley's father's party. All of the people attending were powerful people of J City.

These were men that had affairs left and right.

It was not surprising at all that such things were happening among these rich families. However, these rich wives hated these kinds of third-rate women the most.

They were home wreckers and didn't even feel guilty about it.

If the men were cheating on the wives then they should just take care of their mistresses somewhere else, and not show them off in front of the legal wives. As for the matter of the current affair, the third-rate woman even had the guts to be rude to the wife.

"What?! What the fuck are you saying? Say that again!"

The sharp voice before had now sounded shaky, as if she couldn't accept nor understand what the woman had said to her.

"Nothing's going to change if I repeat myself. Your husband seduced me first. Besides, he told me that he didn't like you anymore. You're already old and ugly in his eyes. It wasn't fun to be with you anymore."

The other woman's voice sounded indifferent.

It was as if she was spitting out a fact.

"Enough! Shut up!"

The man who had been silent all this time suddenly yelled.

The words were directed at the indifferent woman.

However, the woman curled her mouth. She seemed to know what the man had meant and stopped talking immediately.

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