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   Chapter 420 I Don't Need Her Help

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 8555

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After Ashley snapped back from her reverie, she realized that Lesley, who was beside her the whole time, had suddenly disappeared.

She walked around to look for Lesley, but she couldn't find her anywhere. Eventually, she gave up. Looking for Lesley was not worth the trouble.

Ashley sighed to herself. Maybe this was the right time to relax. It had been a while since she had any decent alone time.

She grabbed a snack by the pantry and found herself a nice, comfortable corner to relax in.

Meanwhile, Lesley, with a deep-set scowl etched on her face, walked over to where Sansa and Lucy were hanging out. She still had not gotten over how much Ashley pissed her off that day.

"Hey! Why are you looking so down? Who made our princess mad?" Sansa teased, scooting aside in her seat to let Lesley sit beside her.

Lesley huffed as she sat. She crossed her arms irritably in front of her. "Who else? That bitch that Andrew was with just now. She thinks so highly of herself, just because she and Andrew are close!"

"Huh? You mean the woman who was just here?" Sansa asked, frowning in confusion.

Sansa saw Andrew with that woman earlier. Deep inside, she thought that the two of them must have a very special relationship. They looked very comfortable with each other's company.

Sansa asked, "Well, what kind of relationship do they have anyway?"

Lesley paused and readied herself. The thought about saying it made her taste bitterness in her mouth. "They're...together. She's Andrew's woman."


The two friends of hers yelled at the same time, standing from their seats in shock.

Suddenly, they felt eyes looking at them. Some of the other women and noble celebrities were shocked by their loudness. They immediately realized that they were being too noisy.

They sat down immediately and calmed themselves down.

Once the other people started looking away, Sansa sat closer to them and whispered, "How is that possible? What do you mean by 'Andrew's woman'? So is the rumor that he doesn't like women false? Who is she, then? How on earth did this happen?"

Lesley furrowed her eyebrows in frustration. "I have no idea either.

But I did do some digging already. That woman is the adopted daughter of the Mu family. Except for that plastic pretty face, she's rather unremarkable.

"What? The Mu family?"

Sansa was absolutely confused. She didn't think that she's ever heard of a prominent Mu family name.

Seeing her friend's confusion, Lesley added, "The Mu family is a third-grade family. Nobody really kn

cis, and Greyson. However, she didn't like the way Jeremy and Francis behaved.

As for Greyson, Lesley could only treat him as her younger brother, and nothing else.

When she went abroad, she always called her family and she often asked about Andrew. She was always told that he had no women around him, and he didn't like having women get close to him. She was always so pleased whenever her family reassured her.

All this time, she thought that Andrew only acted that way because he was waiting for her.

But as soon as she came home, she found out about this wretched woman.

All this time, she never blamed Andrew. Ashley must have seduced him! There was no other explanation. She thought this because she knew who Andrew was. She grew up with him. Andrew hated women, and he didn't allow any of them to get close to him.

Ashley must have used several nasty moves to seduce someone like Andrew. Lesley knew that Andrew was very inexperienced with women, and it was shocking to see how he fell into her trap that easily.

However, she was very confident that she could win Andrew back. Andrew's crush on Ashley was nothing but temporary.

Lesley just knew that they were the real, destined couple. Not only did they fit each other well, but their social status and families also matched perfectly.

As soon as the novelty wore off, Ashley would have meant nothing to him.

Lesley would have Andrew, and she would have the last laugh.

From a distance, Susie had ushered a tall, beautiful woman beside her.

"Angelina, here. Come with me. I want you to meet these people."

Susie was a dear admirer of Lesley, and since today was her father's birthday, how could she not come?

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